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Pinkymod adds two new sets of furniture, a variety of new Crafting stations, and an assortment of various functional and decorative furniture items.

Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

Carbonite Crucible (Pinkymod).pngCarbonite Crucible Chum Grinder (Pinkymod).pngChum Grinder Construction Table (Pinkymod).pngConstruction Table
Despairing Altar (Pinkymod).pngDespairing Altar Liquidification Lab (Pinkymod).pngLiquidification Lab Rocket Assembly Station (Pinkymod).pngRocket Assembly Station
Shrine of Knowledge (Pinkymod).pngShrine of Knowledge Stove (Pinkymod).pngStove Vectorial Assembly Machine (Pinkymod).pngVectorial Assembly Machine

Light Sources[edit | edit source]

Futuristic Tube Light (Pinkymod).pngFuturistic Tube Light Pandaen Standing Lamp (Pinkymod).pngLamps Lava Rune (Pinkymod).pngLava Rune
Warped Candelabra (Pinkymod).pngCandelabras Warped Candle (Pinkymod).pngCandles

Storage[edit | edit source]

Sky Biome Chest (Pinkymod).pngSky Biome Chest

Functional[edit | edit source]

Pandaen Royal Bed (Pinkymod).pngBeds Pandaen Door (Pinkymod).pngDoors Dark Ritual Table (Pinkymod).pngDark Ritual Table
Infinite Boulder Dispenser (Pinkymod).pngInfinite Boulder Dispenser Metal Spikes Trap (Pinkymod).pngMetal Spikes Trap Mind Portal (Pinkymod).pngMind Portal
Totem of Warding (Pinkymod).pngTotem of Warding Wooden Spikes Trap (Pinkymod).pngWooden Spikes Trap Wooden Wall Clock (Pinkymod).pngWooden Wall Clock

Decorative[edit | edit source]

Abesmal Nuklr Rektor (Pinkymod).pngAbesmal Nuklr Rektor Large Abyssal Pustule (Pinkymod).pngAbyssal Pustules Lone Tentacle (Pinkymod).pngAbyssal Tentacles
Gellary Banner (Pinkymod).pngBanners Warped Bookcase (Pinkymod).pngBookcases Metal Chair (Pinkymod).pngChairs
Easel (Pinkymod).pngEasel Gold Trophy (Pinkymod).pngGold Trophy Hallowstone Wall Decor (Pinkymod).pngHallowstone Wall Decor
Kelp (Pinkymod).pngKelp Large Kelp (Pinkymod).pngLarge Kelp Large Text Display (Pinkymod).pngLarge Text Display
Model of a Ship (Pinkymod).pngModel of a Ship A Flame still Young (Pinkymod).pngPaintings Placeable Lesser Healing Potion (Pinkymod).pngPlaceable Lesser Healing Potion
Placeable Mana Healing Potion (Pinkymod).pngPlaceable Mana Healing Potion Ruin Platform (Pinkymod).pngRuin Platform Rustic Iron Bench (Pinkymod).pngRustic Iron Bench
Slime Army Battle Standard (Pinkymod).pngSlime Army Battle Standard Small Hay Pile (Pinkymod).pngSmall Hay Pile Her Imperious Bounciness Statue (Pinkymod).pngStatues
Grand Banquet Table (Red) (Pinkymod).pngTables Television (Pinkymod).pngTelevision Text Display (Pinkymod).pngText Display
Widescreen Television (Pinkymod).pngWidescreen Television Wooden Podium (Pinkymod).pngWooden Podium

Specullent Smooth Tile (Pinkymod).png Blocks • Blackstone Wall (Pinkymod).png Walls • Pandaen Royal Bed (Pinkymod).png Furniture