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Gertrude[edit | edit source]

Gertrude's Holy Blade (Pinkymod).png Gertrude's Holy Shield (Pinkymod).png His sword and shield, present in the game.

God General Gertrude is a prominent figure in the lore of Pinkymod. He was a high-ranking general during the War on Attraidies and was responsible for the command of the Hallowstone armies. Despite being the highest rank possible in the Terrarian Army, he is known to be incompetent in combat himself unlike other Generals and even a coward.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Gertrude was the biological son of the couple who took in Attraidies and Verataidies. As a single child up until that point, Gertrude was pampered and obtained everything he wanted from his parents on a whim. What he could not get, he would scheme and plot to obtain - normally through illegitimate means. When the brothers came to his life, he saw them as a threat to his status and began to abuse them, refusing to share his toys with Attraidies and contributing to the Constructor's miserable childhood. After the ransacking and destruction of his home village, Gertrude and Attraidies were given a chance to run when the Constructor sacrificed his own life for them. Despite this, he views the Constructor as foolish and would later betray Attraidies, nearly killing him before taking his supplies and continuing on his own.

Military Career[edit | edit source]

Gertrude was said to have ascended through the ranks of the Hallowstone military through his cunning and scheming, although he was not an incompetent leader. He would come to obtain the position of God General when the War on Attraidies began, and led the Hallowstone forces in the long campaign in Arazium. On learning of his foster brothers' involvement in the war - the very same brother that tormented him, Attraidies doubled his offensive against the Hallowstone forces. However, the two would never come to fight when the Mindflayer King was slain by the Great Hero whose name has been forgotten.

Court Martial and End of Career[edit | edit source]

Sometime during/after the war, Gertrude was removed from command after a Court Martial against him. It was levied against him by his own troops, who had gotten fed-up with his behaviour and disregard of their lives when drawing up his battle plans. Several senior officers were said to have endorsed it as well. Eventually, his corruption and bribery was surfaced and he was removed from command and exiled.

Present Day[edit | edit source]

Although the War on Attraidies happened long ago, Gertrude is said to be still alive. He is said to have received a "White Cloak" with immense magical might from a dark deity as commendation for his vile deeds, of which granted him semi-immortality.