Great Slime War

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The Great Slime War[edit | edit source]

The Great Slime War
Leaders and Commanders

Slime Army:

Lord Pinky Lightsie Chancellor Purply
High Chancellor Blueky General Gellant General Medked
The Slime Trio Manifestation of Pinky


King Masir Vadabin Elite Assassin Allison
Captain General Jack Jasmikirup Assassin Hannah

-Slime Army pyrrhic victory
-Both sides claim victory
-Jungle and Underworld partially destroyed
-Pinky banished, Blueky takes charge
-Allison and Masir Vadabin KIA
-Terraria enters the 1.2s

The Great Slime War, also known as the War on Miraki (a huge understatement) and the War on Hallowstone (By the Slimes) was the conflict that had swept the entire Terrarian mainland by the end of the 1.1s. It pitted the newly formed Slime Army against the Terrarians of Royal Hallowstone, a tale that would soon be known to all Slimes to this day(and even some communities in Lonsaih Miraki) as the Legend of Pinky.

The hostilities started after the brief Slimese Civil War, fought between the Ministry of Slime which was against the newly 'elected' Lord Pinky, and the Slime Army that had supported her. After uniting the entirety of Slimekind and taking the Ministry down, Lord Pinky set about to enact her plan of vengeance against Hallowstone and Terrariankind for the enslavement and mistreating of her kind.

Start of the War[edit | edit source]

While there were minor troop movements and conflicts prior to the Invasion of Miraki, it is widely considered that the invasion started the war, which is why the war is sometimes known as the War on Miraki, despite being a gross understatement. The Slime Army division under General Medked moved against the Terrarian village-port, and conquered it after a brief siege. From there, hostilities escalated and Hallowstone responded with the infamous Strike over the Barren Hills, which saw the Terrarians underestimate their foe and thus were decimated.

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

  • Fogging of the Jungle: After wanted criminals had taken refuge in the Great Jungle, Medked got the go-ahead order from Lord Pinky to use force against the sovereign nation in order to drive the criminals out. Pinky not knowing what scale the General was planning to act on, allowed one of the worse war crimes in semi-modern history to occur. The Hornet surface defenses were quickly taken down by fogging gas, which made them sleep. About a sixth of the entire Jungle was covered in it, and when the Hornets still refused to surrender, SA ships fired on the fogged Jungle and detonated the flammable gas. The result was a third of the entire Great Jungle destroyed, and the heat was so great it melted rock into lava which flowed into the sea. The Jungle has never forgiven the Slime Army since then, and has become one of it's major enemies.

  • Battle of the Underworld: The Battle of the Underworld is the counteroffensive by the Jungle Faction against the Slime Army, and the Underworld, which had a treaty and close relationship with the SA and had a huge concentration of Slimese forces there. During the battle, the Wall of Flesh was summoned, and annihilated both sides, wrecking the Underworld and the Slime Army command there. Much of the commanding forces retreat, and the Wall was eventually stopped.

  • Project Crimzone: Project Crimzone was a Slime Army initiative to develop a war-winning superweapon, which could be deployed from orbit against Hallowstone, levelling the entire city. It was centered around weaponising Ichor, a cursed fluid that was highly flammable and possessed unholy properties. It was also during this time in which Ichor was weaponised by factions other than the Crimson. Eventually, the project backfired and lead to the creation of many Crimson patches around Mainland Terraria.

  • Battle of the Outer Circle: One of the most important battles of the war, in which the Slime Army nearly reached Hallowstone, breaching the Outer Circle, a loose line of defences and fortresses protecting the Terrarian capital. The Terrarians put up far greater resistance than expected, fighting through the forest, and both sides committed their all. However, the Slimes took massive casualties, and in a final attempt to turn the tide, a prototype of Project Crimzone was deployed by High Chancellor Blueky. It tore down the entire forest, wrecked both sides and eventually lead to the destruction of the SA's command barge, the Ship 4. As such, the Terrarians quickly regained ground against the Slimes, of whose supply lines were stretched too thin. It marked the final offensive on Hallowstone by the Slimes, before the tide of the war turned and the siege of the SACQ occurred several weeks later.

  • Battle of the SACQ: The final battle of the war, where the forces of Hallowstone besieged the crippled Slime Army at its base in the Slime Army Command Quarters. Hallowstone would 'win' the battle itself, declaring a tactical victory. However, they also lost their leader, the then-King Masir Vadabin to the enemy. It is also said that the king attempted to summon a dark force to aid him, but was eventually thwarted by his own men and the Slimes.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

As a result of the war, much of Slimekind was reshaped into the way it would be to the present day. Moreover, having lost most of their commanding men, Hallowstone was also forced to withdraw many of its colonies and external operations to focus on rebuilding. This granted Terrarian settlements everywhere far more freedom, and the heir to the throne, King Nasirir Vadabin, was far less tyrannical and more practical than his predecessor. On the SA's side, Pinky was exiled(according to official Slime documents), and it wasn't until many decades later did she return to lead.

The very strange turn of the war is still frequently talked about by military historians of both sides. It is currently agreed that the Slime Army loss because not only was it spread out too thin, it also failed to get rid of many Terrarian Army elements within all the 'conquered' territory. These were not mere guerilla forces, but well armed and capable of waging war on their own. As such, when the tide turned at Hallowstone and the SA was pushed back, many of the Terrarian enclaves also pushed outwards and quickly recaptured territory. Moreover, the Slimes could not retreat in time, and now that there were essentially pockets of Terrarian-sympathising factions all over the mainland, Hallowstone could bypass the Slime Army and move supplies/troops directly to the enclaves, allowing for the siege of the SACQ to begin much earlier.