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Hallowstone(Faction)[edit | edit source]

Hallowstone is a major faction in the lore and world of Pinkymod. It represents most of Terrariankind, and is ruled from it's capital of the same name. It is amongst the oldest factions, and has been a monarchy since the beginning of time, until a revolution overthrew the king a decade before the player's adventures. Hallowstone is ruled by a authoritarian monarch at the very top, who commands a circle of advisors, each having their own district or province or department to their name. Under the advisors are a circle of governors of the individual regions, and are sent from said regions(mostly governed autonomously but with overriding permissions by the Hallowstone central government) as a delegation to the capital itself. Hallowstone commands a vast military force and an impressive economy, and are one of the key players in the global stage.

The Monarchy[edit | edit source]

The most well known of all things about Hallowstone are the kings and queens, who had ruled for over a thousand years(3 major updates!) before the ex-King Tyfyr Vadabin was overthrown and exiled. The Vadabins will go to ANY length to maintain their succession, with the exception being Tyfyr. The kings were criticised for living a life of decadence while everyone below them and their circles suffered, which is true to an extent. Several kings have ruled with tyrannical iron fists as well. However, as the Traveller states: "You know Mr Tyfyr Vadabin? The ex-King? I actually met him once when I was a child. He was so kind and nice. Sadly, he was driven out by revolutionaries due to faults of his parents and grandparent's doings. Today, he is no where to be found. A sad end for a brilliant man."

Life in Hallowstone[edit | edit source]

Life is said to be quite hectic and rushed in Hallowstone, and is described as a rat race of riches by The Traveller. However, it is said that the place is considered heaven compared to other parts of the world.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Hallowstone Armed Forces are divided into the navy, air force, Hallowguards, Hallowmages and Hallowknights, as well as having military support from various quasi-government organisations such as the Hallowstone Summoners' Guild. Each footsoldier of Hallowstone, known as a Hallowguard, is considerably well armed with carbonium armor(Hallowguard armor) and weapons. They employ a variety of weapons, including swords, shields, guns, artillery and even laser weaponry. Hallowknights, the order of royal knights don the Hallowknight armor and fight with even more advanced weaponry and refined tactics. Each soldier is capable of taking on several enemies at once, as evidenced in the Slimese Wars, where the kill death ratio of each footsoldier is roughly 10 slimes soldiers per Terrarian Hallowguard. While off duty, the guards also act as a police force to patrol the streets, while the knights guard key locations such as the Hallowstone Palace.

There are also several specialist divisions serving in the military: The Summoners Guild and Hallowmages, the former consisting of Summoners who choose to join on their own, and the latter being anyone with training in the magical arts and joined the military thereafter. They act as unique troops and attachments to divisions of guards and knights, providing a wide variety of abilities and further bolstering the army's might.

Lastly, there is also the unique corps of the military. The Royal Guard is an elite guard force that consist of the most capable individuals within the realm and the longest-serving Hallowknights. They were the personal troops and guard of the King of Hallowstone, dispatched by him only as his elite fighting force. They also run his errands and perform many tasks to keep peace in the realm. After the revolution, a vast majority went on to serve as the guards of the Terrarian Lords and the Hallowstone Council.

The Royal Retainers were a unique organisation that was founded during the reign of King Vexen Motif, due to changing loyalties within the overly bulky Royal Guard itself. It consists of a hundred warriors, each hand-picked by the King to serve not only as the greatest soldiers in the realm, but also has caretakers and custodians to him. They cannot be requisitioned for defence by governors and lords unlike the Royal Guards, who can be requested with consent of the King. Instead, they are for him to control and swear loyalty to no one but him. Most perished during the revolution, or were decommissioned by the ex-King Tyfyr Vadabin. The last remaining retainers are continuing to do whatever the King last ordered them to: And all attempts to convince them, either by diplomacy or by force, has proven unsuccessful or a waste of resources otherwise.

The Assassins are a now widely defunct order of special agents involved in seeking out and destroying the enemies of Hallowstone, whether they be rogue lords, rebels or leaders of rival factions. Traditionally employed when diplomacy fails(or not), they are masters of stealth, deceit and weaponry. Their most famous member is the Elite Assassin Allison, the dreaded executioner of King Masir Vadabin who served during the Great Slime War. Most Assassins are cybernetically modified, with a wide range of implants to inhibit their morality and free thought, and allow them to be controlled at will, less they go insane after the years of service. This policy was started by Masir Vadabin, after the protocols performed on Allison(Who by the time of his death, only had a small portion of brain left of his organic body). After his death, it is most likely that the implants stopped. By the time of the revolution, the assassins were widely dormant, as Tyfyr refused to use them even to save his own hide, ultimately leading to his downfall.

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