Health and Mana Accessories

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This is a list of all the Health and mana Accessories added by the Pinkymod.
Accessory Source Effects Hardmode
Blackheart Ring (Pinkymod).pngBlackheart Ring Crafted at an Anvil
-8% max health, +4 life regeneration.
Tango Tick1.png
Illustrious Gel (Pinkymod).pngIllustrious Gel Dropped by the Illusion of Pinky
Increases max health and mana by 80.
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Mythril Second Heart (Pinkymod).pngMythril Second Heart Treasure Bag (Mythril Slime) (Pinkymod).png Mythril Slime's Treasure bag
Increases max health by 50% temporarily, once this extra health is lost it will be gone until the player respawns, once the extra health is lost life regeneration will increase by 2.
Tango Tick1.png
Ring of Souls (Pinkymod).pngRing of Souls Crafted at a Mythril Anvil
Reduces mana cost by 15%.
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Scroll of Life (Pinkymod).pngScroll of Life Crafted at a Construction Table
Increases mana gained by stars to 160 and health by hearts to 40.
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Scroll of the Adept (Pinkymod).pngScroll of the Adept Purchased from the Wizard
Increases mana gained by stars to 160.
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Scroll of the Survivalist (Pinkymod).pngScroll of the Survivalist Purchased from the Witch Doctor
Increases health gained by hearts to 40.
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Witching Band (Pinkymod).pngWitching Band Dropped by the Witch Doctor
Taking more than 20 in a single hit has a small chance to heal the player for 30-40 health
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