Jungle Faction

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Lore[edit | edit source]

The Jungle Faction is one of the major factions in Pinkymod Lore. It consists of the Profaned Cult, the Hornets and the sympathetic Jungle Slimes and other critters of the Jungle. They are based in the Great Jungle. The Jungle Faction as of 1.3, is an extremely fanatical bunch of zealots, who venerate the Aayvornd the Ascended, actually just a puppet of C0rrupture. The Lihzahrd are said to maintain an extremely oppressive and tyrannical rule over their own race. Hornets are always traditionally disciplined and hive-minded. Of all the races, Jungle Slimes and bats have the most freedom, but are considered low class in the strict social hierarchy.

The Slime Army[edit | edit source]

During the slime civil war after Lord Pinky was elected, the Jungle Faction had an alliance with the opposition. They lost however and a third of the hornet population had been killed with half of the Great Jungle being burned using flammable insecticide and cannons.

Dungeon Constructor[edit | edit source]

The hornets somehow managed to capture the Dungeon Constructor and forced him to create a Destroyer. During this time the Constructor was tortured until it drove him to insanity. But because the worms were always in his mind at the time, The Gatekeepers were born in his mind though he could not create it in real life. Even after the Constructor went insane The Gatekeepers survived and thrived on the death of minds. The ritual let him break into reality.