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Pinkymod adds various unique locations and dimensions that one can travel to in Terraria.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Cathedral of the Moon

Cathedral of the Moon[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerCathedraloftheMoon (Pinkymod).png

The Cathedral of the Moon is a major location in pinkymod. It is where the Medium resides, the main giver of a vastly incomplete quest. Bring Mysterious Coordinates to the Traveller to come here.

Desert Town of Eitd[edit | edit source]

The Desert Town of Etid (Excluding Arena)

File:BiomeBannerDesertTownofEitd (Pinkymod).png

The Desert Town of Eitd is one of the off-shore locations. It primarily serves as the arena for the Sunlight Trader. Bring a Sunswept Egg to the Traveller to come here.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

The Void[edit | edit source]

The Void is a dimension added in VU11. It is randomly generated and can be access after defeating The Dungeon Constructor, by right clicking a Mind Portal with a Mind Seal. It consists of four sub-biomes, the Void Plains, the Warped Woods, the Rune Lands and lastly the Mountains of Madness. All Void enemies spawn here instead of the Dungeon when not playing on classic mode.

Travelling[edit | edit source]

In order to travel, one must have a Relic Item in their inventory that is labelled The Traveller might be interested in this. Then, one must speak to the Traveller and tell him about the item, of which a dialogue shows and the Traveller will reveal that the player can now use his boat to reach the said location. It is recommended to not travel if you do not trust your game with running the traveling process since your game may crash when you attempt to. This is especially true when having many mods currently enabled.

Relics[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Coordinates (Pinkymod).pngMysterious Coordinates Sunswept Egg (Pinkymod).pngSunswept Egg