Lord Pinky

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Lord Pinky[edit | edit source]

Manifestation of Pinky (Pinkymod).png(Not her, but close enough)

Lord Pinky is the objectively the greatest Slime who ever lived. She is the current supreme leader of the Slime Army, which puts her in absolute control over most of Slimekind. Through manipulation of the Slimese Collective Consciousness, the elaborate usage of propaganda and other tactics, she has established herself as not just an Empress, but a God as well. She is also quite possibly the oldest Slime in existence, and hasn't died yet due to the sole fact that her size makes her metabolism slow and she is able to not digest herself just yet.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Pinky Pejinky was a rare mutant Slime who was born in the Paradox Islands. She was given the uncanny ability to respawn, and her very first death was right after birth, killed by her mother in disgust. Over her formative years, she was shunned by every Slime in existence, who at that time were still obeying the size-based hierarchy. As she was the smallest of all Slimes, she was a literal piece of dirt to even the lowest of low Slimes. She made friends with a Terrarian at some point, and the two became very close. He was the only person she could talk to, and they would go on adventures together. Eventually, the other Terrarians found out and had her spawnkilled. Not only were they extremely biased against all Slimes(even more so in the Paradox Islands), they also found out she dropped a lot of gold. She would then be farmed and killed on spot by every Terrarian she encountered. As for her best friend, he was forbidden from seeing her and they never saw each other again.

Political Career[edit | edit source]

At some point, in time for the Hierarchy Election, she moved into the Mainland. She supported the Rarity party, which wanted the now defunct size-based system to be replaced by a rarity based one. Being the rarest of all Slimes, she was in exact position to win. It is highly likely that she had manipulated the election to ensure the Rarity victory. In the end, her plans succeeded. While the Slime Purply and the public face of the Rarity Party was supposed to be inaugurated as the next King Slime, Pinky showed up on the inauguration day and shocked all hundred thousand audiences(and even the Terrarian journalists there). After being made Queen of Slimes, she would start her huge plot of ultimate domination. Pinky first calmed the slightly salty Purply, and helped to rally the support of the Rarity Party rivals by offering their leaders high positions in her new regime. When news broke out that the Ministry of Slimes, the Governing arm of the Slime Monarchy had chosen to declare independence, Pinky was initially exiled with her supporters. Eventually, she regains power as she had the help of the Monarchy's military wing, the Slime Army. The Ministry was disassembled and the only arm of the Monarchy left was the Slime Army, which now reigned supreme. Pinky then declared herself Lord of Slimes and set about modernising her military to prepare for her upcoming war against the Terrarian people.

Present Day[edit | edit source]

As the war had ended in a truce with heavy losses on both sides, Pinky was spared judgement. She still reigns as the Lord of Slimes, but since then has been mostly absent from Slimese history. In her stead, the newly appointed First Manager Blueky ruled and made most decisions. Meanwhile, her cabal of Chancellors and Managers were elevated to greater powers. Pinky herself still controls her gigantic personality cult, of which Slimes from the moment they learn how to read are taught the greatness of Pinky. She is portrayed as a saviour figure, who had came to the Slime race in a time of great need(technically not false as well) and brought their righteous fury against the Terrarian slave-drivers who had genocided Slimes for a millenia(not false as well).