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Pinkymod adds a variety of minor events, otherwise known as Passive Events to the game. These usually last only a day, and may start at the very beginning of a day, although it is not guaranteed that a minor event occurs at all.

Message Effect
Today will be a warm day... Movement speed increased in Snow Biome, you are immune to the Chilled debuff when above cavern layer in the snow biome. Reduced life regen if in Deserts.
Today will be a cold day... Movement speed and life regen increased if in Deserts. Reduced life regen if in Snow Biome.
The grass grows greener today! Regeneration increased in Forest biomes and Jungles. Increased spawn rate for Kobblin (Pinkymod).pngKobblins and their variants.
The Spirit of Adventure is here today! Life regen, movement speed and damage absorption slightly increased.

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