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The Pinkymod adds many miscellaneous items to the game, a few of which are important to the mod's progression.

Tools[edit | edit source]

There are a few tools that do not have a specific category and instead have their own unique functionalities.

Activation Rod (Pinkymod).pngActivation Rod Basic Flashlight (Pinkymod).pngBasic Flashlight Travelling Flashlight (Pinkymod).pngTravelling Flashlight

Mirrors[edit | edit source]

There are three new types of mirrors added by the Pinkymod which which all have unique mechanics.

Convoluted Mirror (Pinkymod).pngConvoluted Mirror Deathly Mirror (Pinkymod).pngDeathly Mirror Mineral Mirror (Pinkymod).pngMineral Mirror

Grappling Hooks[edit | edit source]

There is one new type of grappling hook added by the Pinkymod.

Grappling Gun (Pinkymod).pngGrappling Gun

Other[edit | edit source]

The are a few other miscellaneous items added to the game which don't work like any others and have no items alike them.

Astral Dial (Pinkymod).pngAstral Dial Compost Fertilizer (Pinkymod).pngCompost Fertilizer Dark Ritual Piece (Pinkymod).pngDark Ritual Piece
Great Soul Tablet (Pinkymod).pngGreat Soul Tablet Illusion Breaking Bit (Pinkymod).pngIllusion Breaking Bit Key of the Assassins (Pinkymod).pngKey of the Assassins
Lunic Star (Pinkymod).pngLunic Star Meteor Heating Lamp (Pinkymod).pngMeteor Heating Lamp Mind Seal (Pinkymod).pngMind Seal
Mysterious Coordinates (Pinkymod).pngMysterious Coordinates Piranha Food (Pinkymod).pngPiranha Food Token of Menace (Pinkymod).pngToken of Menace
Token of Warding (Pinkymod).pngToken of Warding Treasure Bags (Pinkymod).gifTreasure Bags