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The City of Orespeak[edit | edit source]

Orespeak, as seen in the Story of Red Cloud(With the Dark Tower of Attraidies still standing)

Orespeak is a historical but extremely prominent civilization in the lore. It was set up during the 1.0s, in which Terrariankind had not been united through a faction yet. As such, Terrarians formed their own individual guilds and it was that way for much of the era. Orespeak was founded by refugees fleeing the Guild Wars, who settled into a resource and mineral rich forest in the Zonage of Arazium. Orespeak was a tunneling civilization, and a majority of the population lived underground. Their economy was based off the export of ores and minerals at first(hence its name), but they eventually gained a near mythical status due to their advancements in the field of magic. Magic soon bonded their entire society, and existed at every level. It helped automate their processes, create tech unprecedented at that era and elevate the Sorcerers of Orespeak to elites within society. However, the sorcerers soon grew arrogant, and their search for greater power led to the destruction of their morals. In the end, it is them who made a pact with Xioml, the Empyrean Gate and betrayed it, tormenting the god and eventually causing the burning of the entire forest centuries later. They were also responsible for the creation of many dark magic spells from terrible rituals.

After it's destruction, during the War on Attraidies, the place fell under the Corruption and was where the Mindflayer King built his tower. The thing has long since fallen, but many a traveller can still feel the dark energies from millenia ago when the Earth nearly fell.

Pinkymod[edit | edit source]

Despite being long gone, several items and elements in pinkymod are as a result of lost Orespeak. These include the White Branch of Orespeak as its most prominent, as well as the the Dungeon Constructor himself, who is from Orespeak.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Orespeak is based off Oolacile Township from Dark Souls.
  • Orespeak was already crumbling ruins by the time of the Story of Red Cloud, an adventure map and mod made by Tim Hjersted. The titular Red Cloud visits the vast ruins of the civilization, now sunken in lava.