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EnvironmentPSYCHORANHA Rain
AI TypeFish AI
Max Life3000
KB Resist80%

The Psychoranha is a joke Hardmode miniboss/enemy that spawns during the PSYCHORANHA Rain event. It swims around in water puddles just like a regular piranha, but can fire a undodgeable laser that instantly kills the player. The only way to survive the Psychoranha, if one cannot kill it before it fires it's first laser, is to duck behind cover. The Psychoranha beam will then hit the wall, and you will be safed. However, since a Psychoranha is able to track the player from off-screen, and unless there is cover ALWAYS lands a hit regardles of how small of a opening it has to fire, this is easier said than done.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Because it was too powerful, it was made unspawnable a few updates after the mod's release, then later changed to spawn during the PSYCHORANHA Rain event.
  • It bears the resemblance of a regular Piranha but with overly-enlarged Eyeballs, similar to how Eyezor resembles a Zombie
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