Presiding Gods

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The Presiding Gods

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The Moon Court

Founded: 1.0s
Status: Inactive

The Presiding Gods are extremely powerful cosmic beings in the world of pinkymod. They are the gods of the realm, worshipped by mortals as creators and destroyers. While Presiding Gods are many, a vast majority of them are barely even sentient - if at all. However, the upper echelons of their kin are the most powerful of all beings, far exceeding creatures from Terraria. They are situated on the Moon, although it is likely that it is not the physical Terraria moon, or at least not what it appears to be. The most powerful of the Presiding Gods form the Moon Court, which is their governing body and innermost circle.

History[edit | edit source]

The Presiding Gods were 'drifting' through emptiness since their conception at the beginning of time. Eventually, prior to Terraria's release, they ended their drift after reaching the Moon, overlooking Terraria. By then, they were already lead by the powerful and promising Moon Lord, who was their leader. Prior to establishing their dominance on the Moon, they encountered the race of terrestrial Gods, known in the present day as the Dream Devastators. The Moon Lord sent the Presiding God Aunyx to engage them. This leads to a cosmic war of power between the two races. Eventually, the Presiding Gods win when they had created a gigantic war machine known as the Judgement Soul. Aunyx aided in wrangling the Dream Devastators, leading them to the Judgement Soul one by one, at the cost of thousands of lesser Gods. One by one, the Devastators were massacred and absorbed into the Judgement Soul. Their collective psyche screamed out in terror, and from it formed the terrible power known as the Quasic Flare. This would go on to be imbued into the young God Quasar, leading to their fall thousands of years later.

Cults of the Presiding Gods[edit | edit source]

The Presiding Gods and their servitors are worshipped by mortals on Terraria, and are held in high regard by the faithful and in primeval terror by even the most skeptical of scientists. Despite this, their worship never went mainstream in Terrarian culture. Instead, cults worshipping the individual Gods and wishing for boons were created instead, the largest being the Lunar Cult, dedicated to worship of the Moon Lord. The Gods were also worshipped as the official religion of old Sudus, the closest it ever came to being widespread. Gods have a uneasy relationship with their worshippers, which is tolerating at best. Gods like the Moon Lord revel in worship and sacrifice, but others like Xioml would rather their followers do good deeds and help the lands. Meanwhile, Gods like Quasar actively interact with their followers, often manipulating them into doing his bidding, and the Mind God outright resents their cultists.

Fall of the Presiding Gods[edit | edit source]

The fall was a catastrophic event that brought about the end of the Moon Court, although many do not know that the golden age of Gods is long over. It started when the Moon Lord received a premonition that Quasar the young God would bring about his fall if not dealt with immediately. As such, he used the Judgement Soul to take Quasar's powers away from him before he could develop. Ironically, this created a deep seated desire for his lost power, feeling himself wronged by the Moon Lord. But after he stole his Quasic Flare back, he was not fulfilled, and still lusted for more. Thus, he began to engineer a vast civil war as revenge against the Gods and also to dethrone the Moon Lord and receive absolute power, deceiving the otherwise benevolent and merciful Xioml. However, he did have some truth in his arguments, which was what spurred his fellow Gods to his side. Eventually, his rebellion succeeded, the two most powerful Gods were knocked out, leaving him. The Moon Lord fought hard, but eventually succumbed to his enemies through their sheer numbers, and was decapitated. Xioml was struck by the Moon Lord so hard she had been sent back to the beginning of Terraria, where Quasar also teleported to and sealed her within a great temple beneath the present-day Arazium Desert. The remaining Gods were mostly massacred at the end by the newly-reawakened Judgement Soul.

Present Day[edit | edit source]

Currently, the most prominent of surviving Presiding Gods are:

Quasar after gaining near-ultimate power amongst all his kin, was satisfied but only for a short while. He goes on to encounter and fight C0rrupture, but loses spectacularly. He now focuses on getting revenge against him, but as the situation gets more dire and its reality shows himself, he has changed his focus from a more arrogant reason to out of desperation

Xioml eventually broke free after a millenia of torture by the Orespeak civilization, who abused her power and then left her to die. However, she was a shadow of whatever she once was, and is slain shortly after attacking the young Medium's travelling cult by 'strange warriors'.

The Moon Lord is still alive, but badly crippled. He hides in the Moon, feeding off whatever scraps of worship he can find. If he ever were to become powerful again, it would be in a time long after Terraria is gone.

The Judgement Soul is dormant, but barely. It waits for the time to re-awaken and reap judgement on everything and anything, having lost any form of control or sentience after the rebellion.

Aunyx is amongst the most active, and in many ways, he has not changed and is still doing his duty as the patron of death, disease and destruction. His every moment agonises him, as that is the nature of his very being. Ironically, it serves to spur him on.

The Mind God is also still alive, but was corrupted a long time ago. It currently serves as Pinkymod's final boss.