Profaned Cult

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The Profaned Cult[edit | edit source]

The Profaned Cult is the state religion of the Jungle Faction, and governs all aspects of life for the Lihzahrd. It is a fanatical organisation that indoctrinates through fear and inspiration all Lihzahrd since birth to worship the Aayvornd the Ascended, the Lihzahrdian Emperor who has been dead for many years. The Profaned Cult worships a Profaned Flame, a sanctified yet abhorrent fire that burns deep within the Jungle Temple. It is said to be sentient, and the Lihzahrd Priests and Sanctum Keepers have since experimented with it in an attempt to create artificial life with the blessings of their Gods. Moreover, it was to prove any heretic wrong once and for all, and ultimately cede dominion to the Profaned Cult.