Construction Table

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ResultIngredientsCrafting station

A Rock. (Pinkymod).pngA Rock. (9)
Construction Table (Pinkymod).pngConstruction Table
Activation Rod (Pinkymod).pngActivation Rod
Bottled Rocket (Pinkymod).pngBottled Rocket
Bust of the Sunlight Trader (Pinkymod).pngBust of the Sunlight Trader
Bust of Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis (Pinkymod).pngBust of Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis
Chum Grinder (Pinkymod).pngChum Grinder
Crystalline Boots (Pinkymod).pngCrystalline Boots
Futuristic Tube Light (Pinkymod).pngFuturistic Tube Light
Gatekeeper Statue (Pinkymod).pngGatekeeper Statue
Heater Ankh (Pinkymod).pngHeater Ankh
Her Imperious Bounciness Statue (Pinkymod).pngHer Imperious Bounciness Statue
Holy Amulet (Pinkymod).pngHoly Amulet
Imperial Escutcheon (Pinkymod).pngImperial Escutcheon
Infinite Boulder Dispenser (Pinkymod).pngInfinite Boulder Dispenser
Jellyfish Necklace.pngJellyfish Necklace
Knowledge of the Sects (Pinkymod).pngKnowledge of the Sects
Landscaper Emblem (Pinkymod).pngLandscaper Emblem
Liquidification Lab (Pinkymod).pngLiquidification Lab
Mechanical Hunting Bow (Pinkymod).pngMechanical Hunting Bow
Omniguard (Pinkymod).pngOmniguard
Periapt of Orespeak (Pinkymod).pngPeriapt of Orespeak
Scroll of Life (Pinkymod).pngScroll of Life
Shotgun Underbarrel (Pinkymod).pngShotgun Underbarrel
Soulflower of the Celestial Woods (Pinkymod).pngSoulflower of the Celestial Woods
Storm Diving Gear (Pinkymod).pngStorm Diving Gear
Throwing Missile (Pinkymod).pngThrowing Missile (20)
Throwing Missile MKII (Pinkymod).pngThrowing Missile MKII (15)
Totem of Warding (Pinkymod).pngTotem of Warding
Trailblazers (Pinkymod).pngTrailblazers
Wisdom of the Constructor (Pinkymod).pngWisdom of the Constructor
Withered Leaf Wings (Pinkymod).pngWithered Leaf Wings
Worldbuilder Emblem (Pinkymod).pngWorldbuilder Emblem