Hardmode Anvils

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ResultIngredientsCrafting station

AA Missile Launcher (Pinkymod).pngAA Missile Launcher
Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil
Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil
Abesmal Nuklr Rektor (Pinkymod).pngAbesmal Nuklr Rektor
Altituned Hamaxe (Tier 3) (Pinkymod).pngAltituned Hamaxe (Tier 3)
Altituned Pickaxe (Tier 4) (Pinkymod).pngAltituned Pickaxe (Tier 4)
Antimatter (Pinkymod).pngAntimatter
Arbitrator (Pinkymod).pngArbitrator
Arc of the Grayfeathers (Pinkymod).pngArc of the Grayfeathers
Aquastorm (Pinkymod).pngAquastorm
Blazewing (Pinkymod).pngBlazewing
Blowchannel (Pinkymod).pngBlowchannel
Bonecrusher (Pinkymod).pngBonecrusher
Borealis (Pinkymod).pngBorealis (3)
Bulwark of the Weak (Pinkymod).pngBulwark of the Weak
Butterfly Blade (Pinkymod).pngButterfly Blade
C4 Explosives (Pinkymod).pngC4 Explosives
Carapace Arrow (Pinkymod).pngCarapace Arrow (100)
Carnwennan (Pinkymod).pngCarnwennan
Conflagrator (Pinkymod).pngConflagrator
Cosmic Superwind (Pinkymod).pngCosmic Superwind
Count's Phasesaber (Pinkymod).pngCount's Phasesaber
Crest of the Storm (Pinkymod).pngCrest of the Storm
Cryowraith (Pinkymod).pngCryowraith
Crystal Lance (Pinkymod).pngCrystal Lance
Crystal Regenerating Blade (Pinkymod).pngCrystal Regenerating Blade
Cursed Asteroid (Pinkymod).pngCursed Asteroid (200)
Curseward Roundshield (Pinkymod).pngCurseward Roundshield
Dark Ritual Piece (Pinkymod).pngDark Ritual Piece
Dark Ritual Table (Pinkymod).pngDark Ritual Table
Dark Whisperer (Pinkymod).pngDark Whisperer
Dart Minigun (Pinkymod).pngDart Minigun
Deanimator (Pinkymod).pngDeanimator
Deathbringer Armet (Pinkymod).pngDeathbringer Armet
Deathbringer Chestplate (Pinkymod).pngDeathbringer Chestplate
Deathbringer Linkings (Pinkymod).pngDeathbringer Linkings
Destroyer of Fish (Pinkymod).pngDestroyer of Fish
Divine Daggers (Pinkymod).pngDivine Daggers
Divine Greatsword (Pinkymod).pngDivine Greatsword
Doomreaver (Pinkymod).pngDoomreaver
Dragon Skull (Pinkymod).pngDragon Skull
Duellist (Pinkymod).pngDuellist
Earthlight (Pinkymod).pngEarthlight
Emergence (Pinkymod).pngEmergence
Enlightened Enchantment (Pinkymod).pngEnlightened Enchantment
Eterno (Pinkymod).pngEterno
Evershade (Pinkymod).pngEvershade
Eye of the Void (Pinkymod).pngEye of the Void
Falling Phoenix Knife (Pinkymod).pngFalling Phoenix Knife
Flamekeeper's Scorn (Pinkymod).pngFlamekeeper's Scorn
Fleshy Chunkeroid (Pinkymod).pngFleshy Chunkeroid (200)
Flying Flayer (Pinkymod).pngFlying Flayer (333)
Folium (Pinkymod).pngFolium
Freeze and Burn (Pinkymod).pngFreeze and Burn
Gelslam (Pinkymod).pngGelslam
Gelslash (Pinkymod).pngGelslash
Glowing String (Pinkymod).pngGlowing String
Hallowed Crystal Staff (Pinkymod).pngHallowed Crystal Staff
Heavy Blaster (Pinkymod).pngHeavy Blaster
Hero Sword (Pinkymod).pngHero Sword
Hexxing Edge (Pinkymod).pngHexxing Edge
Holy Arrow.pngHoly Arrow (200)
Hunter of Souls (Pinkymod).pngHunter of Souls
Husk Shot (Pinkymod).pngHusk Shot (100)
Infinitarian of the Sky (Pinkymod).pngInfinitarian of the Sky
Inquisitor's Wing (Pinkymod).pngInquisitor's Wing
Jaw of the Dune God (Pinkymod).pngJaw of the Dune God
Jet Blade (Pinkymod).pngJet Blade
Jungle Phoenix (Pinkymod).pngJungle Phoenix
Khione (Pinkymod).pngKhione
King of the Storm (Pinkymod).pngKing of the Storm
Kingslayer (Pinkymod).pngKingslayer
Launchpod of the Abyss (Pinkymod).pngLaunchpod of the Abyss
Lichtsturm (Pinkymod).pngLichtsturm
Lihzahrd Fireblaster (Pinkymod).pngLihzahrd Fireblaster
LMG (Pinkymod).pngLMG
Loathing Ring (Pinkymod).pngLoathing Ring
Machine Cleaver (Pinkymod).pngMachine Cleaver
Mask of Steel (Pinkymod).pngMask of Steel
Mechanical Kunai (Pinkymod).pngMechanical Kunai
Melter (Pinkymod).pngMelter
Mindweaver Brigandine (Pinkymod).pngMindweaver Brigandine
Mindweaver Cuisse (Pinkymod).pngMindweaver Cuisse
Mindweaver Headgear (Pinkymod).pngMindweaver Headgear
Molten Armbrace (Pinkymod).pngMolten Armbrace
Myth of the Stars (Pinkymod).pngMyth of the Stars
Naga Eye Ring (Pinkymod).pngNaga Eye Ring
Naga Eye Veil (Pinkymod).pngNaga Eye Veil
Nightfall (Pinkymod).pngNightfall
Nightmare's Embrace (Pinkymod).pngNightmare's Embrace
Obsidian Dagger (Pinkymod).pngObsidian Dagger
Onyx Blaze (Pinkymod).pngOnyx Blaze
Otherbound (Pinkymod).pngOtherbound
Overlord (Pinkymod).pngOverlord
Paladin's Boots (Pinkymod).pngPaladin's Boots
Pandaen Aegis Helmet (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Aegis Helmet
Pandaen Armor (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Armor
Pandaen Commander's Visor (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Commander's Visor
Pandaen Greaves (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Greaves
Pandaen Kingsguard Mask (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Kingsguard Mask
Pandaen Magus's Coronet (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Magus's Coronet
Pandeanmonium (Pinkymod).pngPandeanmonium
Pandaen Power Drill (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Power Drill
Pandaen Storm-Assassin Headgear (Pinkymod).pngPandaen Storm-Assassin Headgear
Phasebane (Pinkymod).pngPhasebane
Plaguebringer (Pinkymod).pngPlaguebringer
Probe Remote (Pinkymod).pngProbe Remote
Profaned Greatsword (Pinkymod).pngProfaned Greatsword
Progenitor (Pinkymod).pngProgenitor
Proto-Cannon (Pinkymod).pngProto-Cannon
Proto-Pistol (Pinkymod).pngProto-Pistol
Proto-Rifle (Pinkymod).pngProto-Rifle
Psionite (Pinkymod).pngPsionite
Pyromancer's Hatchet (Pinkymod).pngPyromancer's Hatchet
Quad Cannon (Pinkymod).pngQuad Cannon
Quicksilver Rapier (Pinkymod).pngQuicksilver Rapier
Quivermancer (Pinkymod).pngQuivermancer
File:Rain-Bow (Pinkymod).pngRain-Bow
Ring of Souls (Pinkymod).pngRing of Souls
Roaring Abyss (Pinkymod).pngRoaring Abyss
Sanguine Stave (Pinkymod).pngSanguine Stave
Saw Cannon (Pinkymod).pngSaw Cannon
Scarlet Moon (Pinkymod).pngScarlet Moon