Hardmode Anvils2

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ResultIngredientsCrafting station

| result = #Sonorous Sword | | #Gleamwing Maul | | Pixie Dust | 20 | Bell | 5 | #Tarnished Metal | 1 }}

Scorpion Glaive (Pinkymod).pngScorpion Glaive
Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil
Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil
Seerlight (Pinkymod).pngSeerlight
Shard of Laputa (Pinkymod).pngShard of Laputa
Shrine of Knowledge (Pinkymod).pngShrine of Knowledge
Siege Slammer (Pinkymod).pngSiege Slammer
Shimmerblade (Pinkymod).pngShimmerblade
Slime Sceptre (Pinkymod).pngSlime Sceptre
Soul Oath (Pinkymod).pngSoul Oath
Soul Silencer (Pinkymod).pngSoul Silencer
Space Debris (Pinkymod).pngSpace Debris (200)
Sporeshooter (Pinkymod).pngSporeshooter
Static Conductor Staff (Pinkymod).pngStatic Conductor Staff
Stratopurge (Pinkymod).pngStratopurge
Summoners' Guild Bracelet (Pinkymod).pngSummoners' Guild Bracelet
Sunspot Scorcher (Pinkymod).pngSunspot Scorcher
Superheated Bullet (Pinkymod).pngSuperheated Bullet (111)
File:Tainted Aura (Pinkymod).pngTainted Aura
Tears in Heaven (Pinkymod).pngTears in Heaven
Tempestus Smiter (Pinkymod).pngTempestus Smiter
Terraformer (Pinkymod).pngTerraformer
Terenum Algentum (Pinkymod).pngTerenum Algentum
The Ravenous (Pinkymod).pngThe Ravenous
Throwing Axe (Pinkymod).pngThrowing Axe (250)
Thundercloud (Pinkymod).pngThundercloud
Triad (Pinkymod).pngTriad
True Victory (Pinkymod).pngTrue Victory
Weightbearer (Pinkymod).pngWeightbearer
Vale Storm (Pinkymod).pngVale Storm
Valley of Defilement (Pinkymod).pngValley of Defilement
Vengeance Bringer (Pinkymod).pngVengeance Bringer
Venus Dropper (Pinkymod).pngVenus Dropper
Victory (Pinkymod).pngVictory
Wasp Bodyarmor (Pinkymod).pngWasp Bodyarmor
Wasp Fury Leggings (Pinkymod).pngWasp Fury Leggings
Wasp Visor of Indignation (Pinkymod).pngWasp Visor of Indignation
Worldshaper (Pinkymod).pngWorldshaper