Scourge of the Corruptor (Period)

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Scourge of the Corruptor[edit | edit source]

Scourge of the Corruptor

Scourge of the Corruptor.png

Notable Leaders and Commanders

King Valerir Vadabin
First Captain Sydan Menks

Slime Kingdom:
Jorephie II Manacracy

The Underworld:
Demon Princes of Hell
Demon Lords of Hell

Dryad Circle:
Tabatha the Elder

The Corruption:
King C0rruptor
Arch-Pupil Tenebrach


-Free forces victory
-Underworld decimated, regime falls
-Dryad Circle formed and legitimised
-Terraria enters the 1.1s
-Corruption pushed back to origin and further, ends up losing around a 1/3rd of original land

The Scourge of the Corruptor was a immense, gigantic war between literally every race in Terraria simultaneously against the Corruption. It is the largest war to date, and nearly culminated in the defeat of all of Terraria. It began when the divided forces and patches of Corruption were connected through several expansion campaigns, and a enigmatic person known as King C0rruptor took control of the corruption forces. He proceeded to expand outwards in all directions, and despite the corrupt forces spread far and thin, they succeeded in taking hundreds of encampments from all factions before they were pushed back. It was also the only war the Underworld factions fought against the Corruption - it was to the extent that the caverns were entirely corrupted and the Underworld itself was facing direct assaults from the Corruption. It was during this period that many legends were born, including the tales of Night's Edge, a sword forged from dark to vanquish it. Excalibur, a legendary weapon of light and their supposed true forms. The statistics of the war are not known, but it is implied that over a billion died. The item of the same name was also forged during this period,

Story of the Hallowstone Third Legion[edit | edit source]

During this time, the Hallowstone Third Legion earned its fame after going on a mission to relieve defending Jungle Forces and resupply them with materials, food, purification powder and other dryadware. They end up succeeding despite trekking for over 30 days directly through the Corruption. However, many battalions also did not make it, and the legion was decimated as a result. It was during this point where the story of Hallowguard Archer Strave takes place, from the short story Where all Roads End. Their victory against the odds would go on to inspire troops for the rest of the war, and even served as the inspiration for Sydan Menks' final mission to slay King C0rruptor.

Battle of the Underworld[edit | edit source]

The Corruption's push through the Underground and past the Jungle to encircle both it caused it to reach the Underworld, of whose denizens were woefully underprepared. This is the only time in history where the Demons of the Underworld and the Hornets of the Jungle fought side by side. The Demons had a strong affinity to dark magic, although it was not vile in the same sense as those of the corruption. Despite the advance on the Underworld being so rapid, it eventually bogged down to a war of attrition due to the sheer willpower of demonkind and its associates. Combined with help from the Jungle above, the push was halted. Yet, thousands were sacrificed to the meat grinder each day. Many last ditch strategies resulted in the creation of new and strange technology. It is said that the greatest Demon Smiths under their Demon Lords forged the Night's Edge for the first time, a blade of darkness used to slay darkness. The Corruption would eventually be stretched too thin, and it's supply lines cut off via attacks in the cavern layers by the Dryads. After a long war, the Underworld and Jungle emerge victorious. The former lost around 2/3rd of it's population and would soon fall into anarchy, while the latter lost around 1/3rd of it's population but managed to stay together.

Ending[edit | edit source]

After the tide of war was finally turned, forces of all free factions approached the heart of the dark lands. There, the most powerful forces await, and the counterattacking armies were besieged by multiple Eaters of Worlds. Once again, casualties mounted until the Terrarian leadership decided to take a gamble to end the war fast. Thus, the Strike Team Terra was formed from the most capable of agents. At their head is the hero Sydan Menks, First Captain of the Hallowknights and the most distinguished sword-diplomat of the time. They infiltrated deep into enemy territory, and eventually confronted the King C0rruptor, responsible for organising and mass-influencing Corruption forces. Very little is known about this figure, apart from the fact that to a regular Terrarian, he is essentially an eldritch being. Nevertheless, Sydan fought him in a climactic final duel which lasted a day and a night. C0rruptor's great rage was so strong it conjured thunderstorms overhead where arcs of greenfire combined with streaks of sickly yellow lightning. Yet in the end, Sydan manages to best her opponent, and slays the thing. With no more coherent leadership, the Corruption began to fight for itself only, and soon collapsed at the renewed offensive. The surviving Pupils of Darkness, disciples of King C0rruptor tried to keep their legions in shape. They were hunted down one by one until the Corruption had no more brains to think for it. With that, the Scourge had ended, and the world was scarred so that it may never be the same again. Less than a century later, a new power arose to lead the dark land, the Mindflayer King Attraidies, plunging the world into the war again. Amongst his legion, it is said that the surviving Dark Pupils rallied once more to avenge their fallen lord.