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Sunlight Trader

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Sunlight Trader
Sunlight Trader (Pinkymod).png
AI TypeSunlight Trader Mount AI
Damage50 100
Max Life7500 10050
Defense15 30
KB Resist100%
Sunswept Egg (Pinkymod).png
Map Icon
Sunlight Trader
AI TypeSunlight Trader AI
Damage60 75
Max Life4000 6000
Defense24 24
KB Resist100%
Sunlight Trader Map Icon.png
Map Icon

The Sunlight Trader is a Pre-Hardmode boss.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

The Sunlight Trader and his mount cannot spawn on their own and only can be summoned with a Sunswept Egg in the Desert Town of Eitd.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When the mount is alive, the Sunlight Trader is immune to damage, and follows after the player while throwing spears, and sending discs that follows the player for a bit until they disappear.

The Mount attacks with the following:

  • It charges at the player.
  • It goes underneath the player for a bit before rising up and sending projectiles in a spread.
  • It sends a flurry of feathers at the player as well.
  • It sends a burst of 8 fireballs in a diamond shape.
  • It sends fireballs flying horizontaly across the screen.

The Sunlight Trader starts actually fighting the player after his mount is killed.

  • He can dash across the screen when he is pointing his spear.
  • He brings out his Solartrace bow and fires arrows from it which can sometimes split into several arrows at once.
  • He charges diagonally and leaves a sandnado from where he intially was before charging.
  • He can still send in discs but he now summons two at once.
  • He rains 3 projectiles down on himself.

Notes[edit | edit source]