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The Traveller (Pinkymod).png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive
Damage20 (90 in hardmode)
Max Life600
KB Resist50%
Traveller Map Icon.png
Map Icon

The Traveller is a Town NPC added in the Pinkymod who is very important for the mod's progression. To move in, there must be an empty house and "ATOGAM" must be enabled in the mod config.

When first interacting with the traveller he will have a short conversation introducing himself and telling the player about how they can travel to locations outside of the world.

Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Hello there, I was just checking out this settlement of yours. The name is Traveller's Name, nice to meet you.
  • I am a wanderer of sorts. I travel from land to land, and have seen lots of things back in the day. I've never been to these Paradox Islands before, so I took by boat to your little land. Such a quaint little place.
  • Anyways it's been nice talking to you, I'm just going to take a look around town, see what goes on. Even in quiet countries, there are many unseen and unheard adventures going on, and that is what I live for!
  • Oh and, if you see any mysterious artifacts or strange objects that I may be interested in, do show them to me. Who knows, they could lead to new adventures, and as a reward I'll bring you along with me!

Items Sold[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Availability

Traveller's Journal (Pinkymod).pngTraveller's Journal 5 Gold Coin Always
Travelling Hat (Pinkymod).pngTravelling Hat 5 Gold Coin Always
Travelling Shirt (Pinkymod).pngTravelling Shirt 5 Gold Coin Always
CODEX- The Imperial Slime Army (Pinkymod).pngCODEX- The Imperial Slime Army 20 Silver Coin Always
Key of the Assassins (Pinkymod).pngKey of the Assassins 5 Gold Coin Always

Travelling[edit | edit source]

When selecting the Travel option a map of the world of Terraria will be brought up showing all the locations the player can currently travel to with an "X" on the map once a location has been selected the player clicks the Travel button on he bottom-left just under the map to travel there.

The Traveller's Map

Locations[edit | edit source]

Paradox Islands[edit | edit source]

The normal world of the player, It is always unlocked so that they can return whenever they want.

Cathedral of the Moon[edit | edit source]

A rundown cathedral on a small island previously owned the lunar cult, The Medium lives here watching over the ancient seal and where the player will start they're main quest. (once it is added) It is unlocked by showing the Mysterious Coordinates to the Traveller.

Desert Town of Eitd[edit | edit source]

Abandoned town on the coast of the war-torn Great Desert, where the player battles The Sunlight Trader. It is unlocked showing a Sunswept Egg to the traveller.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Travelling the world is such a rewarding and amazing experience. Once in a while, settling down is good, though.
  • There was news of a mine collapse due to supernatural forces a while back. Everyone was super into-it, but now, the news are all but forgotten. I can only that the miners rest in peace, and pray that whatever got them will stay in the mine it collapsed.
  • Do you know I'd Varitide's Palace? Tales have it that out there, a legendary undersea palace exists. I would love to see it one day, as well as maybe chat with the supposed ferocious Merfolk Warriors the guard it. Maybe.
  • There's an old building called the Dungeon, which now stands in semi-ruin. Many treasure hunters, thrill seekers and even fellow adventurers have gone to seek it out, but none have returned. Honestly? I don't think the treasures down there are that worth it. Perhaps it was sealed away and protected so vehemently for a reason...
  • You know Mr Tyfyr Vadabin? The ex-King? I actually met him once when I was a child. He was so kind and nice. Sadly, he was driven out by revolutionaries due to faults of his parents and grandparents doing. Today, he is nowhere to be found. A sad end for a brilliant man.
  • In the far north of Maknland Terraria, a large chunk of ice drifts. I had once tried to go there. No, it wasn't the cold that drove me back. It was something else, like a dark presence beyond even the Corruption...
  • The world of Terraria is an endless ocean dotted with islands. Many haven't been explored. That's just the islands in the Mainland Region - not even in the Paradox Islands where you live!
  • The are records of airship crew that stumbled upon a magnificent floating rock formation up there somewhere. They claim the breeze is fresh enough to revive the dead and is the last hideout for the endangered True Wyvern. On, if only I had an Airship...
  • The Paradox Islands are a strange place where everything is possible. Th Dead can come back and there is always a dungeon on every one of your islands p. Apparently, they were the doing of some weird developer dude.
  • I came from th Terrarian city of Hallowstone. I wasn't contented with life there - a rat race where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So I saved up and bought my small boat and left to see the world. As far as I have seen, Hallowstone is heaven compared to some other places.
  • You know that Mechant? He claims he has extra dirty dirt blocks. Well, whaddya know - he has none! (Only if the Merchant is present)
  • I used to consider training as a Guide before becoming a traveller and adventurer. I realized the dark truth - those guys have no conscious clue what they are talking about! (Only if the Guide is present)
  • I never understood Name of Party Girl and her love for parties. I feel no joy from it. The only thing that makes me feel alive of course, is adventure! (Only if the Party Girl is present)
  • I owe my life to nurses like Name of Nurse. Without the Medical Corps, I would have been skeleton food long ago. (Only if the Nurse is present)

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

When attacked by enemies the Traveller will fight back using a Handgun or a Vale Storm while in Hardmode.

Names[edit | edit source]

The Traveller can have any of the following names:

  • Jace
  • Yide
  • Dre

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The traveller will always have the same name in a world, though he has multiples different names he will always respawn with the one he first had on that particular world.
  • The traveller will target any non-player and non-town-NPC with a gun. The traveller greatly enjoys hunting butterflies and fireflies in his spare time so be sure to give space for his hunting.
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