Underworld Faction

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The Underworld Faction

Type: Parliamentary Monarchy/Kraterocracy
Monarch: The Sovereign Soul
Crown Advisor: Ismai

Capital: Hellfortress

Positive Relations:

Neutral Relations:

Hostile Relations:

The Underworld Faction is a major faction in Mainland Terraria. It spans the entirety of the Underworld, which is a massive place, although areas are under different levels of influence by the central government. Areas beneath the Great Jungle are essentially considered to be Jungle Faction territory, much to the irritation of the Demons. It is a highly strength-based system, where the mightier or more useful you are within society, the more power you will in turn receive. This is due to the nature and anatomy of Demons themselves: Growing more elaborate horns, details or even physique as they ascend in power. It is currently being led by the monarch known as the Sovereign Soul.

History[edit | edit source]

The Underworld has seen perhaps the most regimes and regime changes in history, not counting areas with active infighting such as the Desert. The First Kingdom of Hell is the first unified body of the Underworld, reigning in the 1.1s after a council of powerful Demon Lords took over. They were responsible for the forging of great technology and weapons such as the Rod of Echthros, Night's Edge and Silent Night. They also heavily relied on magic, and this widespread use of magic is supposed to predate even Orespeak due to the innate connection demon-kin have with it. However, the regime would eventually collapse during the Scourge of the Corruptor. The Corruption, an enemy previously unknown to Demonkind finally invaded the Underworld, resulting in a bloody and long war which saw much of the Demon empire fall, it's heads of state all but slain. It was unable to keep itself together after the threat was eventually pushed back.

The next regime was that of the Interrim Government, sometimes known as the Second Kingdom. It was formed from the last survivors of the Demonic Houses of Hell from the previous regime. However, due to the instability and infighting, the rulers of Hell were forced to do anything to keep their realm together. It was a time of chaos and little control. Eventually, Attraidies struck a deal with the demons, the Interrim Government on the verge of collapse. Thus with help, it was able to sustain itself for a while longer although it became a puppet government of the Mindflayer King. When Attraidies fell after the War on Attraidies, the Interrim Government finally collapsed, the last Demon Princes as a species of demons slain in battle.

Towards the end of the 1.1s, what remained of demonkind allied themselves with numerous factions, so as to stay safe from the continued hostility from the Jungle Faction. In the end, it was the treaty signed with the Slime Army under Pinky's administration which helped them stay afloat. In turn, the Underworld became the base of the operations for the Slime Army at that time, until the rogue Ministry of Slimes were finally put down. After that, the SACQ in Hell existed until the second Summoning, where the Wall of Flesh destroyed it and much of the Slime-made structures.

The fourth regime was that of the Phantom Age, the Third Kingdom. It was ruled by a mysterious Phantom Lord, and his co-conspirator named Thayne. Together, they unified the Underworld through force and directed the population's rage towards the misdoings of the Jungle and other allies towards them during previous wars and conflicts. It lasted quite long, and saw frequent battles between the Underworld and the Jungle. It was ultimately suppressed when conflicts were threatening to boil over to the surface and beyond, hence a strike team was dispatched to eliminate the Third Kingdom's high command, succeeding and ending the war-born regime.

Modern Day[edit | edit source]

Currently, the Fourth Kingdom of Hell, the Reign of the Sovereign Soul is the ruling dynasty. It is organised similarly to the First Kingdom, and is enjoying not only a period of continued (relative) peace and prosperity, but also great technological advances and modernisation. It is ruled by the Sovereign Soul, with a parliamentary body made of the greatest Demon Princes in the Underworld. This body is known as the Dark Council of Hell, and is extremely successful in delegating work and thus governance to almost all inhabited areas of the Underworld. As a result, the central government is more powerful than ever, and the individual Demonic Houses also enjoy greater power with less infighting necessary. Despite the era of prosperity, the Jungle Faction still is hostile towards them and battles do take place.