Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis

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Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis
Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis (Pinkymod).png
AI TypeValdaris AI
Damage100 150
Max Life62000 90000
Defense30 30
KB Resist100%
Valdaris Map Icon.png
Map Icon

I've watched you from above murderer. Now I'll make you pay

— Valdaris

Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis is a Hardmode Boss fought after defeating the Mechanical Bosses.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

Valdaris cannot spawn on his own and is either summoned with a Crest of the Storm or by killing 180 Harpies.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Valdaris will charge at the player 6 times.
  • After charging Valdaris will hover above the player and alternate between firing two bursts of 5 bouncing Stormfeathers and a burst of Stormfeathers that each explode into 6 more feathers after a short time , after firing a total of 9 Stormfeather bursts Valadaris will charge again and the cycle repeats.
  • While below 80% health Valadrais will occasionally fire Shadelight beams around himself that inflict the Shadeflames debuff, Valdaris will fire Shadelight much faster and more frequently as his health drops.
  • At 66% health Valadris will summon Valdabot to assist him, Valdaris will also begin to fire large Shadelight fireballs at the player and fire Shadelight beams every time he charges.
  • At 50% health Valdaris wil also fire Stormfeathes at the player while charging and increase the speed he fires them while hovering above the player.
  • At 20% health Valadaris will enter his Shadelight Form which increases his attack speed and damage and causes him to inflict Shadeflames on direct contact.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • I've watched you from above, murderer. Now I'll make you pay -Upon being summoned
  • Look. I know Harpies are annoying, but they have lives too.
  • And is is my duty to protect every single harpy life, no matter how much of a pest that Harpy can be.
  • All these years, I toiled so hard to fill my duty, but all the harpies did was look down on me because I was different. Because I did not have the cognitive disabilities that plagued the rest of my kind.
  • Since my father's death, I was never loved by anyone, not even my brother.
  • But I myself, did love. I love my brother, because no matter what he does, he is still my brother.
  • I love my duty, because I choose to believe that it was helping my kind.
  • And I love all the Harpies, derpy or not. Problematic or not.
  • So please, I beg you, don't ruin my duty. Don't ruin the lives I strived to protect.
  • Terrarian, I believe in you. I believe we can stop fighting right now.
  • I'll give you this five seconds to quit, terrarian... (After doing so, he will stop attacking for five seconds and become invincible while doing so)
  • No, oh... (If refusing to quit)
  • Please... (Upon entering shadelight form)
  • Don't hurt my kind (Death)

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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