War on Attraidies (Period)

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War on Attraidies[edit | edit source]

The war on Attraidies is a major period in pinkymod lore. It occured during the early 1.1.2s with the rise of Mindflayer King Attraidies. After this advent, he rallied the forces of the Corruption under one banner and proceeded to attack the forces of Hallowstone, led by God-General Gertrude. The war shaped Terrarian history like never before and was one of the most influential conflicts of all time. It ended with the defeat of Attraidies during his campaign in Arazium, where he was slain by the enigmatic hero wielding the Eternal Lance known only as Red Cloud. Following this, the forces of the Corruption retreated and relinquished most of the territory it had gained.

Motives[edit | edit source]

Attraidies started the war for various reasons, but it was mainly out of the hate he had for Terrariankind that had abandoned him and his brother in early childhood. To make matters worse, the commander of the Hallowstone Forces, Gertrude, was his adoptive brother in childhood, who bullied and abused him and his brother, before finally dumping the boy in the corruption following the destruction of their village by The Mind God cultist. It was resent that led him to fight the war in an attempt to bring Gertrude to justice. While this was his primary incentive, it was highly certain he was manipulated by C0rrupture as well.