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Pinkymod adds many weapons to Terraria.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Swords[edit | edit source]

Blade of Dust (Pinkymod).pngBlade of Dust Bluesky Blade (Pinkymod).pngBluesky Blade Carbonium Dagger (Pinkymod).pngCarbonium Dagger
Claihm Solais (Pinkymod).pngClaihm Solais Conjured Shortsword (Pinkymod).pngConjured Shortsword Count's Phaseblade (Pinkymod).pngCount's Phaseblade
Darkdrenched Machete (Pinkymod).pngDarkdrenched Machete Dawning Star (Pinkymod).pngDawning Star Death's Fan (Pinkymod).pngDeath's Fan
Drifting Dark (Pinkymod).pngDrifting Dark Earth Sword (Pinkymod).pngEarth Sword Fall's Coming (Pinkymod).pngFall's Coming
Fallen Blade (Pinkymod).pngFallen Blade Fangembral (Pinkymod).pngFangembral Flamberge (Pinkymod).pngFlamberge
Forgotten Hero Sword (Pinkymod).pngForgotten Hero Sword Fostivience (Pinkymod).pngFostivience Furantur (Pinkymod).pngFurantur
Gertrude's Holy Blade (Pinkymod).pngGertrude's Holy Blade Gleamwing Maul (Pinkymod).pngGleamwing Maul Goblin Mimic Greatsword (Pinkymod).pngGoblin Mimic Greatsword
Great Anchor (Pinkymod).pngGreat Anchor Heart Blade (Pinkymod).pngHeart Blade Iceicold (Pinkymod).pngIceicold
Legion (Pinkymod).pngLegion Lyrebone Cleaver (Pinkymod).pngLyrebone Cleaver Rune Broadsword (Pinkymod).pngRune Broadsword
Runin Crushslasher (Pinkymod).pngRunin Crushslasher Runin Rockmaul (Pinkymod).pngRunin Rockmaul Spellsword's Sparker (Pinkymod).pngSpellsword's Sparker
Supa Shocka! (Pinkymod).pngSupa Shocka! Thorned Club (Pinkymod).pngThorned Club

Hardmode Swords[edit | edit source]

Aquastorm (Pinkymod).pngAquastorm Butterfly Blade (Pinkymod).pngButterfly Blade Count's Phasesaber (Pinkymod).pngCount's Phasesaber
Cryowraith (Pinkymod).pngCryowraith Crystal Regenerating Blade (Pinkymod).pngCrystal Regenerating Blade Divine Greatsword (Pinkymod).pngDivine Greatsword
Earthlight (Pinkymod).pngEarthlight Emergence (Pinkymod).pngEmergence Freeze and Burn (Pinkymod).pngFreeze and Burn
Gelslash (Pinkymod).pngGelslash Grandsword of Glory (Pinkymod).pngGrandsword of Glory Hero Sword (Pinkymod).pngHero Sword
Hexxing Edge (Pinkymod).pngHexxing Edge Hourace Blade (Pinkymod).pngHourace Blade Jaw of the Dune God (Pinkymod).pngJaw of the Dune God
Jet Blade (Pinkymod).pngJet Blade King of the Storm (Pinkymod).pngKing of the Storm Kingslayer (Pinkymod).pngKingslayer
Leaf Lacerator (Pinkymod).pngLeaf Lacerator Machine Cleaver (Pinkymod).pngMachine Cleaver Myth of the Stars (Pinkymod).pngMyth of the Stars
Obsidian Dagger (Pinkymod).pngObsidian Dagger Otherbound (Pinkymod).pngOtherbound Power of Friendship (Pinkymod).pngPower of Friendship
Profaned Greatsword (Pinkymod).pngProfaned Greatsword Progenitor (Pinkymod).pngProgenitor Quicksilver Rapier (Pinkymod).pngQuicksilver Rapier
Shadow Reaper (Pinkymod).pngShadow Reaper Shimmerblade (Pinkymod).pngShimmerblade Sonorous Sword (Pinkymod).pngSonorous Sword
Soul Oath (Pinkymod).pngSoul Oath Spider Rapier (Pinkymod).pngSpider Rapier True Victory (Pinkymod).pngTrue Victory
Valley of Defilement (Pinkymod).pngValley of Defilement Victory (Pinkymod).pngVictory Weightbearer (Pinkymod).pngWeightbearer

Post-Moon Lord Swords[edit | edit source]

Four-Winged Angel (Pinkymod).pngFour-Winged Angel Friendzone (Pinkymod).pngFriendzone Harvest Moon (Pinkymod).pngHarvest Moon
Limus Dominatus (Pinkymod).pngLimus Dominatus Penumbral Phantasm (Pinkymod).pngPenumbral Phantasm

Pre-Hardmode Spears[edit | edit source]

Electropike (Pinkymod).pngElectropike Justicebringer Greatspear (Pinkymod).pngJusticebringer Greatspear Medked's Trident (Pinkymod).pngMedked's Trident
Royale (Pinkymod).pngRoyale Specullance (Pinkymod).pngSpecullance Subterreneus (Pinkymod).pngSubterreneus
Thorned Catch Pole (Pinkymod).pngThorned Catch Pole

Hardmode Spears[edit | edit source]

Deanimator (Pinkymod).pngDeanimator Nightfall (Pinkymod).pngNightfall Nightmare's Embrace (Pinkymod).pngNightmare's Embrace
Oscillospear (Pinkymod).pngOscillospear Scorpion Glaive (Pinkymod).pngScorpion Glaive Spearstaff of Meridia (Pinkymod).pngSpearstaff of Meridia

Post-Moon Lord Spears[edit | edit source]

Eternal Lance (Pinkymod).pngEternal Lance

Pre-Hardmode Flails[edit | edit source]

Owthorn (Pinkymod).pngOwthorn Sporemash (Pinkymod).pngSporemash The Ball of Flesh (Pinkymod).pngThe Ball of Flesh

Hardmode Flails[edit | edit source]

Tears in Heaven (Pinkymod).pngTears in Heaven

Pre-Hardmode Yoyos[edit | edit source]

Cavernheart (Pinkymod).pngCavernheart Krore (Pinkymod).pngKrore Livestream (Pinkymod).pngLivestream
Meteorite (Pinkymod).pngMeteorite Puffercloud (Pinkymod).pngPuffercloud Shatterleaf (Pinkymod).pngShatterleaf

Hardmode Yoyos[edit | edit source]

Eterno (Pinkymod).pngEterno Evershade (Pinkymod).pngEvershade Eye of the Leviathan (Pinkymod).pngEye of the Leviathan
Eye of the Void (Pinkymod).pngEye of the Void Pandeanmonium (Pinkymod).pngPandeanmonium Seerlight (Pinkymod).pngSeerlight
Thundercloud (Pinkymod).pngThundercloud Venus Dropper (Pinkymod).pngVenus Dropper

Post-Moon Lord Yoyos[edit | edit source]

Cookie of the Gods (Pinkymod).pngCookie of the Gods Familiar Crest (Pinkymod).pngFamiliar Crest

Pre-Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Curenurvexic (Pinkymod).pngCurenurvexic Furyblades (Pinkymod).pngFuryblades War Torch (Pinkymod).pngWar Torch

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Bloodgaunt (Pinkymod).pngBloodgaunt Divine Daggers (Pinkymod).pngDivine Daggers Khione (Pinkymod).pngKhione
Resent (Pinkymod).pngResent

Post-Moon Lord Other[edit | edit source]

Star Reaper (Pinkymod).pngStar Reaper

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Bows[edit | edit source]

Enata Speculi (Pinkymod).pngEnata Speculi Hunter's Shortbow (Pinkymod).pngHunter's Shortbow Livingwood Bow (Pinkymod).pngLivingwood Bow
Magmatic (Pinkymod).pngMagmatic Mechanical Hunting Bow (Pinkymod).pngMechanical Hunting Bow Renewal Bloom (Pinkymod).pngRenewal Bloom
Runin Shortbow (Pinkymod).pngRunin Shortbow Silent Night (Pinkymod).pngSilent Night Solartrace (Pinkymod).pngSolartrace
Spaceborn Storm (Pinkymod).pngSpaceborn Storm Stellaris (Pinkymod).pngStellaris Withering Winds (Pinkymod).pngWithering Winds

Hardmode Bows[edit | edit source]

Andromedium Starstring (Pinkymod).pngAndromedium Starstring Arc of the Grayfeathers (Pinkymod).pngArc of the Grayfeathers Crystal Rainbow (Pinkymod).pngCrystal Rainbow
Luminant Desolation (Pinkymod).pngLuminant Desolation Sunspot Scorcher (Pinkymod).pngSunspot Scorcher Terenum Algentum (Pinkymod).pngTerenum Algentum

Post-Moon Lord Bows[edit | edit source]

Cosmic Catharsis (Pinkymod).pngCosmic Catharsis Godslayer (Pinkymod).pngGodslayer

Pre-Hardmode Repeaters[edit | edit source]

Flightfaller (Pinkymod).pngFlightfaller Obsidian Heavy Repeater (Pinkymod).pngObsidian Heavy Repeater Quiver Cannon (Pinkymod).pngQuiver Cannon
Tactical Landslide (Pinkymod).pngTactical Landslide

Hardmode Repeaters[edit | edit source]

Antimatter (Pinkymod).pngAntimatter Gelshooter (Pinkymod).pngGelshooter Inquisitor's Wing (Pinkymod).pngInquisitor's Wing
Lichtsturm (Pinkymod).pngLichtsturm Quivermancer (Pinkymod).pngQuivermancer Rammer (Pinkymod).pngRammer

Pre-Hardmode Firearms[edit | edit source]

Automated Death (Pinkymod).pngAutomated Death Boiling Water Pistol (Pinkymod).pngBoiling Water Pistol Cactus Cannon (Pinkymod).pngCactus Cannon
Calevaer (Pinkymod).pngCalevaer Desert Eagle (Pinkymod).pngDesert Eagle Hallowguard Rifle (Pinkymod).pngHallowguard Rifle
Hand Cannon (Pinkymod).pngHand Cannon Icarus Bombadier (Pinkymod).pngIcarus Bombadier Kobbe (Pinkymod).pngKobbe
Lucent Launcher (Pinkymod).pngLucent Launcher Rattle Rifle (Pinkymod).pngRattle Rifle Sharkannon (Pinkymod).pngSharkannon
Slimese Field Rifle (Pinkymod).pngSlimese Field Rifle Thornbedder (Pinkymod).pngThornbedder Tollixor (Pinkymod).pngTollixor
Tombstone (Gun) (Pinkymod).pngTombstone (Gun) Watchman's Hawk (Pinkymod).pngWatchman's Hawk

Hardmode Firearms[edit | edit source]

AA Missile Launcher (Pinkymod).pngAA Missile Launcher Arbitrator (Pinkymod).pngArbitrator Chlorophyte Mortar (Pinkymod).pngChlorophyte Mortar
Crystal Seeder (Pinkymod).pngCrystal Seeder Dart Minigun (Pinkymod).pngDart Minigun Doomreaver (Pinkymod).pngDoomreaver
Duellist (Pinkymod).pngDuellist Endless Carnage (Pinkymod).pngEndless Carnage Flamekeeper's Scorn (Pinkymod).pngFlamekeeper's Scorn
Gauss Cannon (Pinkymod).pngGauss Cannon Heavy Blaster (Pinkymod).pngHeavy Blaster Infinitarian of the Sky (Pinkymod).pngInfinitarian of the Sky
Jungle Phoenix (Pinkymod).pngJungle Phoenix Lihzahrd Fireblaster (Pinkymod).pngLihzahrd Fireblaster LMG (Pinkymod).pngLMG
Marlin (Pinkymod).pngMarlin Overlord (Pinkymod).pngOverlord Proto-Cannon (Pinkymod).pngProto-Cannon
Proto-Pistol (Pinkymod).pngProto-Pistol Proto-Rifle (Pinkymod).pngProto-Rifle Psyche Devastator (Pinkymod).pngPsyche Devastator
Quad Cannon (Pinkymod).pngQuad Cannon Tempestus Smiter (Pinkymod).pngTempestus Smiter Triad (Pinkymod).pngTriad
Vale Storm (Pinkymod).pngVale Storm Vengeance Bringer (Pinkymod).pngVengeance Bringer War Angel (Pinkymod).pngWar Angel

Post-Moon Lord Firearms[edit | edit source]

Clockwork Dragonslayer (Pinkymod).pngClockwork Dragonslayer Oblivion Lord (Pinkymod).pngOblivion Lord Red Dread (Pinkymod).pngRed Dread
Zephyr Cannon (Pinkymod).pngZephyr Cannon

Pre-Hardmode Flamethrowers[edit | edit source]

Glomerorum (Pinkymod).pngGlomerorum

Hardmode Flamethrowers[edit | edit source]

Conflagrator (Pinkymod).pngConflagrator Cosmic Superwind (Pinkymod).pngCosmic Superwind Hunter of Souls (Pinkymod).pngHunter of Souls
Onyx Blaze (Pinkymod).pngOnyx Blaze

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Blowchannel (Pinkymod).pngBlowchannel C4 Explosives (Pinkymod).pngC4 Explosives Elder Gun (Pinkymod).pngElder Gun
Plaguebringer (Pinkymod).pngPlaguebringer

Magic Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Staffs[edit | edit source]

Deathbrush (Pinkymod).pngDeathbrush Divine Staff (Pinkymod).pngDivine Staff Ebonstaff (Pinkymod).pngEbonstaff
Hydromancer's Trident (Pinkymod).pngHydromancer's Trident Jeweled Branch of Lyyte (Pinkymod).pngJeweled Branch of Lyyte Moribund Catalyst (Pinkymod).pngMoribund Catalyst
Shadecrook (Pinkymod).pngShadecrook Verge of Sages (Pinkymod).pngVerge of Sages White Branch of Orespeak (Pinkymod).pngWhite Branch of Orespeak

Hardmode Staffs[edit | edit source]

Crystal Lance (Pinkymod).pngCrystal Lance DA REAL Rainbow Rod (Pinkymod).pngDA REAL Rainbow Rod Disphogaught (Pinkymod).pngDisphogaught
Geophyte Bloom (Pinkymod).pngGeophyte Bloom Hallowed Crystal Staff (Pinkymod).pngHallowed Crystal Staff Phantasmogaria (Pinkymod).pngPhantasmogaria
Sanguine Stave (Pinkymod).pngSanguine Stave Stratopurge (Pinkymod).pngStratopurge

Post-Moon Lord Staffs[edit | edit source]

Darklight Destruction (Pinkymod).pngDarklight Destruction Eternal Eclipse (Pinkymod).pngEternal Eclipse Malebolge (Pinkymod).pngMalebolge

Pre-Hardmode Spellbooks[edit | edit source]

Arcen's Bladestorm (Pinkymod).pngArcen's Bladestorm Carrotainer (Pinkymod).pngCarrotainer Deep Chaos (Pinkymod).pngDeep Chaos
Sunbringer (Pinkymod).pngSunbringer

Hardmode Spellbooks[edit | edit source]

Aurendier (Pinkymod).pngAurendier Bonestorm (Pinkymod).pngBonestorm Call of the Flood (Pinkymod).pngCall of the Flood
Dance of the Lacerators (Pinkymod).pngDance of the Lacerators Dispelling Tome (Pinkymod).pngDispelling Tome Hellstorm (Pinkymod).pngHellstorm
Mythril Flames (Pinkymod).pngMythril Flames Pelagia (Pinkymod).pngPelagia Psionite (Pinkymod).pngPsionite
Rising Revenants (Pinkymod).pngRising Revenants Stardust Winds (Pinkymod).pngStardust Winds Sunken Soul (Pinkymod).pngSunken Soul
Unillusion (Pinkymod).pngUnillusion Wrath of the Dryads (Pinkymod).pngWrath of the Dryads Xerothermium (Pinkymod).pngXerothermium

Post-Moon Lord Spellbooks[edit | edit source]

Profaned Sun (Pinkymod).pngProfaned Sun Superlunarius (Pinkymod).pngSuperlunarius

Hardmode Other[edit | edit source]

Crescent Harp (Pinkymod).pngCrescent Harp Frantic Singularity (Pinkymod).pngFrantic Singularity Death Glare (Pinkymod).pngDeath Glare
Idol of Cthulhu (Pinkymod).pngIdol of Cthulhu Lil' Eater (Pinkymod).pngLil' Eater Mass Shadow Expulsion (Pinkymod).pngMass Shadow Expulsion
Melter (Pinkymod).pngMelter Phasebane (Pinkymod).pngPhasebane Prismal Flare (Pinkymod).pngPrismal Flare
Roaring Abyss (Pinkymod).pngRoaring Abyss Saw Cannon (Pinkymod).pngSaw Cannon Shard of Laputa (Pinkymod).pngShard of Laputa
Sporeshooter (Pinkymod).pngSporeshooter Web Cannon (Pinkymod).pngWeb Cannon

Post-Moon Lord Other[edit | edit source]

Forms of the Nightmare (Pinkymod).pngForms of the Nightmare Starwrecker (Pinkymod).pngStarwrecker

Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Chromatic Shard (Pinkymod).pngChromatic Shard Daemon War Banner (Pinkymod).pngDaemon War Banner Duneseeker (Pinkymod).pngDuneseeker
Nature Cane (Pinkymod).pngNature Cane Rod of Echthros (Pinkymod).pngRod of Echthros Vacuum Stave (Pinkymod).pngVacuum Stave

Hardmode Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Dark Whisperer (Pinkymod).pngDark Whisperer Dragon Skull (Pinkymod).pngDragon Skull King's Sceptre (Pinkymod).pngKing's Sceptre
Launchpod of the Abyss (Pinkymod).pngLaunchpod of the Abyss Probe Remote (Pinkymod).pngProbe Remote Slime Sceptre (Pinkymod).pngSlime Sceptre
Sparkler Rod (Pinkymod).pngSparkler Rod Transdimensional Hive (Pinkymod).pngTransdimensional Hive

Post-Moon Lord Summon Weapons[edit | edit source]

Singularity Staff (Pinkymod).pngSingularity Staff

Hardmode Sentries[edit | edit source]

Fungal One's Blessing (Pinkymod).pngFungal One's Blessing Static Conductor Staff (Pinkymod).pngStatic Conductor Staff

Post-Moon Lord Sentries[edit | edit source]

Godcurse (Pinkymod).pngGodcurse

Throwing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Consumable[edit | edit source]

A Rock. (Pinkymod).pngA Rock. Bottled Rocket (Pinkymod).pngBottled Rocket Defiled Skull (Pinkymod).pngDefiled Skull
Egg (Pinkymod).pngEgg Explosive Javelin (Pinkymod).pngExplosive Javelin Fading Forest (Pinkymod).pngFading Forest
Fungal Throwing Dart (Pinkymod).pngFungal Throwing Dart Grenade MKII (Pinkymod).pngGrenade MKII Poisonous Potato (Pinkymod).pngPoisonous Potato
Shrapnel Grenade (Pinkymod).pngShrapnel Grenade Sinnetratrium (Pinkymod).pngSinnetratrium Throwing Missile (Pinkymod).pngThrowing Missile
Throwing Missile MKII (Pinkymod).pngThrowing Missile MKII Watermelon (Pinkymod).pngWatermelon

Pre-Hardmode Non-Consumable[edit | edit source]

Carbonium Dagger (Pinkymod).pngCarbonium Dagger Crescent Moon (Pinkymod).pngCrescent Moon Gildrettaen (Pinkymod).pngGildrettaen
Justicebringer Greatspear (Pinkymod).pngJusticebringer Greatspear Knife of the Night (Pinkymod).pngKnife of the Night Meteor Glove (Pinkymod).pngMeteor Glove
Mineral Needle Storm (Pinkymod).pngMineral Needle Storm Return of the Rock (Pinkymod).pngReturn of the Rock Twinknives (Pinkymod).pngTwinknives

Hardmode Consumables[edit | edit source]

Cursed Pulse Grenade (Pinkymod).pngCursed Pulse Grenade Flying Flayer (Pinkymod).pngFlying Flayer Ichorous Pulse Grenade (Pinkymod).pngIchorous Pulse Grenade
Throwing Axe (Pinkymod).pngThrowing Axe

Hardmode Non-Consumables[edit | edit source]

Arch Aerolet (Pinkymod).pngArch Aerolet Blazewing (Pinkymod).pngBlazewing Borealis (Pinkymod).pngBorealis
Carnwennan (Pinkymod).pngCarnwennan Enlightened Enchantment (Pinkymod).pngEnlightened Enchantment Falling Phoenix Knife (Pinkymod).pngFalling Phoenix Knife
Folium (Pinkymod).pngFolium Mechanical Kunai (Pinkymod).pngMechanical Kunai Prototype Razer (Pinkymod).pngPrototype Razer
Pyromancer's Hatchet (Pinkymod).pngPyromancer's Hatchet Scarlet Moon (Pinkymod).pngScarlet Moon Soul Silencer (Pinkymod).pngSoul Silencer
The Ravenous (Pinkymod).pngThe Ravenous Tidal Freeze (Pinkymod).pngTidal Freeze

Post-Moon Lord Consumable[edit | edit source]

Flying Potato (Pinkymod).pngFlying Potato

Post-Moon Lord Non-Consumables[edit | edit source]

Anathemous Talons (Pinkymod).pngAnathemous Talons Bloom of Blades (Pinkymod).pngBloom of Blades Crimson's Calamity (Pinkymod).pngCrimson's Calamity
Weapons (List):

Revanchist (Pinkymod).png Melee weapons • Godslayer (Pinkymod).png Ranged weapons • Idol of Cthulhu (Pinkymod).png Magic weapons  • Daemon War Banner (Pinkymod).png Summon weapons • Arch Aerolet (Pinkymod).png Thrown weapons