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The mainland of Terraria is divided into various Zonages, which are geopolitical sectors used as a means of measuring distance. This concept arose from the fact that after the Guild Wars at the end of the 1.0s, the various factions now controlled small pockets of territory from all over the land. As such, no borders for 'nations' could be established properly, although there are exceptions. Zonages are normally divided by culture, heritage or characteristics, although the zonages were created so long ago no one really knows why they are as such.

Zonages[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Lonsaih Miraki Most well known for being the location where the Great Slime War started.
Nikala Sorendy Up until recent centuries, untouched and unspoiled splendour. Known for wildlife, countryside and beauty.
Arazium Lore-rich location where many myths and old legends hail from. Historically known for being where the War on Attraidies took place. Very rich in culture, still inhabited by large indigenous populations
Great Jungle Home of the Jungle Faction. Largest single Jungle biome in Terraria, since spanning the size of several Paradox Islands. Ruled by the Jungle Faction entirely.
Great Desert Like the Great Jungle, but a desert. Currently stricken by civil wars and insurgencies.
Hallowstone Capital of Terrariankind, home to the city of the same name. Said city is also the largest in modern Terraria.
Ephli Aurendi Highly mountainous, also rich in tales and legends
Goblin Islands Off the north, inhabited by the Goblins. Most islands are 'under control' by the Goblin Republic.
Twilight Island Used to be the seat of the Dryad Order. Now home to the Kobblin People's Socialist Republic.
Paradox Islands Gigantic rift in time where paradoxes occur. Consists of a literal infinite amount of islands, each consisting of an individual timeline of infinite possibilities. Not controlled by anyone, anarchy reigns.