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Books are a new class of tool sold by the Ghostwriter for 5 Gold Coin. Each is themed around a specific boss and are only sold upon its defeat, providing an infinite buff themed around that boss when used. Only one buff from a book can be active at a time unless the Reading Glasses are equipped, which allows two simultaneously. Additionally, some books' titles reference various well-known real-life novels and book series, which are noted on their individual pages. All books are of the Rarity color 1.png rarity and sell for 1 Gold Coin.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are currently 22 different books available, 13 of which are Hardmode-exclusive.

Image Name HM only Associated Boss Effect
The Sliming (Polarities Mod).png The Sliming Tango Cross1.png Map Icon King Slime.pngKing Slime Grants a double jump
Maws (Polarities Mod).png Maws Tango Cross1.png Storm Cloudfish Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngStorm Cloudfish Makes rain fall above you
A Throng of Eyes and Fliers (Polarities Mod).png A Throng of Eyes and Fliers Tango Cross1.png Map Icon Eye of Cthulhu (first form).pngEye of Cthulhu Summons demon eyes to protect you when hit
The Construct out of Space (Polarities Mod).png The Construct out of Space Tango Cross1.png Star Construct Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngStar Construct Boosts defense while latched via a hook
The Very Hungry Worm (Polarities Mod).png The Very Hungry Worm Tango Cross1.png Map Icon Eater of Worlds.pngEater of Worlds Boosts mining speed and tool damage
Megabrain (Polarities Mod).png Megabrain Tango Cross1.png Map Icon Brain of Cthulhu.pngBrain of Cthulhu Boosts tile and wall placement speed
Batula (Polarities Mod).png Batula Tango Cross1.png Gigabat Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngGigabat Allows you to glide by holding jump and prevents fall damage
Queen of the Bees (Polarities Mod).png Queen of the Bees Tango Cross1.png Map Icon Queen Bee.pngQueen Bee Summons a ring of bees around the cursor
Skulduggery Unpleasant (Polarities Mod).png Skulduggery Unpleasant Tango Cross1.png Map Icon Skeletron.pngSkeletron Grants a massive defense boost when at full health
The Perks of Being a Wall Tower (Polarities Mod).png The Perks of Being a Wall Tower Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Wall of Flesh.pngWall of Flesh Grants a wall-summoning dash
The Wings on Our Star (Polarities Mod).png The Wings on Our Star Tango Tick1.png Sun Pixie Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngSun Pixie Causes you to leave behind a solar trail
Eye Robots (Polarities Mod).png Eye Robots Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Retinazer (second form).png Map Icon Spazmatism (second form).pngThe Twins Grants a rifle scope effect
A Fight to Remember (Polarities Mod).png A Fight to Remember Tango Tick1.png Map Icon The Destroyer.pngThe Destroyer Grants ultimate mining and building abilities
Skeletron 2- Electric Boogaloo (Polarities Mod).png Skeletron 2: Electric Boogaloo Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Skeletron Prime.pngSkeletron Prime Grants an insane defense boost when at full health
The Phage Runner (Polarities Mod).png The Phage Runner Tango Tick1.png Esophage Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngEsophage Increases speed and damage while on the ground
The Grape's Wrath (Polarities Mod).png The Grape's Wrath Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Plantera (first form).pngPlantera Gives you and your hooks plant tentacles
Rocky With Lasers (Polarities Mod).png Rocky With Lasers Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Golem.pngGolem Grants a massive jump speed boost
Nightbrawl (Polarities Mod).png Nightbrawl Tango Tick1.png Eclipxie Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngEclipxie Causes you to leave behind an eclipse trail
Moby Duke (Polarities Mod).png Moby Duke Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Duke Fishron.pngDuke Fishron Grants a significant damage boost while near the ocean
The Magnet Thief (Polarities Mod).png The Magnet Thief Tango Tick1.png Magneton Map Icon (Polarities Mod).png Electris Map Icon (Polarities Mod).pngThe Polarities Causes you to repel enemies
The Haunter of the Stars (Polarities Mod).png The Haunter of the Stars Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Lunatic Cultist.pngLunatic Cultist Increases class damage when near the corresponding celestial pillar
The Call of the Moon Lord (Polarities Mod).png The Call of the Moon Lord Tango Tick1.png Map Icon Moon Lord.pngMoon Lord Grants all attacks a 50% chance to lifesteal

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