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Eclipxie (Polarities Mod).gif
EnvironmentSolar Eclipse
Damage100 / 200 (Contact)
40 / 80 (Ancient starlight)
60 / 120 (Solar scythe)
50 / 100 (Laser)
100 / 200 (Eclipse flare)
100 / 200 (Eclipse flare)
140 (Luna Butterfly and Sol Moth)
100 (Lunar trail)
Max Life40000 / 48000 (Eclipxie)
14400 (Luna Butterfly and Sol Moth)
Defense45 (Eclipxie)
40 (Sol Moth)
50 (Luna Butterfly)
Coins15 Gold Coin
Eclipxie Map Icon (Polarities Mod).png
Map Icon

The Eclipxie is a significantly harder version of the Sun Pixie, fought during a Solar Eclipse. While it can be fought after defeating any mechanical boss, it is intended to be fought post-Golem.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Eclipxie does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to summon it by using a Hallowed Star during an eclipse.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Eclipxie alternates between four distinct attack patterns:

  • Ancient Starlight - Eclipxie will hover a medium distance from the player, summoning a wall of ancient starlight projectiles from behind it, which are pulled onto intersecting trajectories by its gravity.
  • Eclipse Flares - Eclipxie will hover above the player, before releasing a wave of nine accelerating eclipse flare bolts and flying upward rapidly. These eclipse flare bolts explode into vertical eclipse flare deathrays on contact with tiles or the player.
  • Solar Scythes - Eclipxie will chase the player, shooting a number of accelerating solar scythes.
  • Orbital Barrage - Eclipxie will attempt to circle the player, bombarding them with lasers that increase in frequency as its health lowers, to the point of becoming a near-continuous stream.

In Expert Mode, upon being killed, Eclipxie will split into Sol Moth and Luna Butterfly. Sol Moth will use the eclipse flare and orbital barrage attacks, while Luna Butterfly will constantly chase the player, leaving behind a trail of lingering lunar orbs, similar to the orbs left behind by Sun Pixie, but longer-lasting. Whichever of these is killed last will drop the boss's loot.

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