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The Polarities Mod adds an assortment of furniture items, including multiple Furniture sets, decorative, and functional items.

Functional[edit | edit source]

Item Source Function Hardmode
Rattler Banner (Polarities Mod).png Banners Defeating 50 of the associated enemy Increases damage and defense from the associated enemy Tango Cross1.png/Tango Tick1.png (depends on enemy)
Burning Altar (Polarities Mod).pngBurning Altar Treasure Bag (Esophage) (Polarities Mod).pngTreasure Bag (Esophage) Nearby players' critical hits inflict Ichor. Expert Mode only Tango Tick1.png

Decorative[edit | edit source]

Furniture sets[edit | edit source]

Polarities Mod: Placeables