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Ghostwriter (Polarities Mod).png
EnvironmentValid house
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life250
KB Resist50%
Ghostwriter Head (Polarities Mod).png
Map Icon

The Ghostwriter is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following criteria has been met:

She sells Books, a new class of tools that provide mutually exclusive boss-themed buffs after each associated boss is defeated, and miscellaneous items related to them. She cannot defend herself against enemies, but also does not take any damage from any enemies other than ghosts, wraiths, and reapers in exchange, simply passing through harmlessly.

Items sold[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Availability
Book.pngBook 3 Silver Coin.png 75 Copper Coin.png Always available.
Reading Glasses (Polarities Mod).pngReading Glasses 1 Platinum Coin In Hardmode.
The Sliming (Polarities Mod).pngThe Sliming 5 Gold Coin After King Slime is defeated.
Maws (Polarities Mod).pngMaws 5 Gold Coin After Storm Cloudfish is defeated.
A Throng of Eyes and Fliers (Polarities Mod).pngA Throng of Eyes and Fliers 5 Gold Coin After Eye of Cthulhu is defeated.
The Construct out of Space (Polarities Mod).pngThe Construct out of Space 5 Gold Coin After Star Construct is defeated.
The Very Hungry Worm (Polarities Mod).pngThe Very Hungry Worm 5 Gold Coin After Eater of Worlds is defeated.
Megabrain (Polarities Mod).pngMegabrain 5 Gold Coin After Brain of Cthulhu is defeated.
Batula (Polarities Mod).pngBatula 5 Gold Coin After Gigabat is defeated.
Queen of the Bees (Polarities Mod).pngQueen of the Bees 5 Gold Coin After Queen Bee is defeated.
Skulduggery Unpleasant (Polarities Mod).pngSkulduggery Unpleasant 5 Gold Coin After Skeletron is defeated.
The Perks of Being a Wall Tower (Polarities Mod).pngThe Perks of Being a Wall Tower 5 Gold Coin After Wall of Flesh is defeated.
The Wings on Our Star (Polarities Mod).pngThe Wings on Our Star 5 Gold Coin After Sun Pixie is defeated.
Eye Robots (Polarities Mod).pngEye Robots 5 Gold Coin After The Twins are defeated.
A Fight to Remember (Polarities Mod).pngA Fight to Remember 5 Gold Coin After The Destroyer is defeated.
Skeletron 2- Electric Boogaloo (Polarities Mod).pngSkeletron 2: Electric Boogaloo 5 Gold Coin After Skeletron Prime is defeated.
The Phage Runner (Polarities Mod).pngThe Phage Runner 5 Gold Coin After Esophage is defeated.
The Grape's Wrath (Polarities Mod).pngThe Grape's Wrath 5 Gold Coin After Plantera is defeated.
Rocky With Lasers (Polarities Mod).pngRocky With Lasers 5 Gold Coin After Golem is defeated.
Nightbrawl (Polarities Mod).pngNightbrawl 5 Gold Coin After Eclipxie is defeated.
Moby Duke (Polarities Mod).pngMoby Duke 5 Gold Coin After Duke Fishron is defeated.
The Magnet Thief (Polarities Mod).pngThe Magnet Thief 5 Gold Coin After The Polarities are defeated.
The Haunter of the Stars (Polarities Mod).pngThe Haunter of the Stars 5 Gold Coin After Lunatic Cultist is defeated.
The Call of the Moon Lord (Polarities Mod).pngThe Call of the Moon Lord 5 Gold Coin After Moon Lord is defeated.

Names[edit | edit source]

The Ghostwriter may have any of the following names:

  • Anne
  • Harper
  • Jane
  • Mary
  • Shelley
  • Terry
  • Ursula

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I wanna go home."
  • "My ability to touch things is very inconsistent."
  • "Do you have any book recommendations? I'm always looking for new things to read."

After Eye of Cthulhu is defeated:

  • "I see everything... muahaha..."

After Skeletron is defeated:

  • "The books in the dungeon were mine once, but they've fallen apart in the damp environment."

When Arms Dealer is present:

  • "Yippee ki-yay, mother-"

When Tavernkeep is present:

  • "<name of Tavernkeep> is from another dimension? Sounds like a crossover to me."

When Clothier is present:

  • "Give <name of Clothier> a hug for me, okay?"

When Stylist is present:

  • "<name of Stylist> likes me. I think it's because I can eavesdrop on everyone."

When Mechanic is present:

  • "<name of Mechanic> is officially my mom until my real mom gets back."

When Angler is present:

  • "<name of Angler> is such a jerk!"

When Wizard is present:

  • "I tried to borrow a book from <name of Wizard> once. It did nothing. I was quite disappointed."

When Santa Claus is present:

  • "I told Santa Claus that I don't celebrate Christmas. He was very understanding."

When Guide is present and the world is in hardmode:

  • "<name of Guide> and I are a lot alike. Except for the part where I'm a ghost. That's a pretty significant difference."

When Dryad is present and the world is in hardmode:

  • "<name of Dryad> says the Hallow is good and only exists to cleanse imperfection. For someone so old, she's quite naive."

After The Twins have been defeated:

  • "My Retinazer/Spazmatism fic is coming along well. Thanks for asking. Why are you turning green?"

After The Destroyer has been defeated:

  • "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Oh, it's from something I read."

During the Blood Moon:

  • "Everyone seems really on edge. I don't see what the big deal is."

During the Frost Moon:

  • "What in the world is all this?"

During Halloween:

  • "Boo!"

During Christmas:

  • "I don't celebrate Christmas, but it's nice to see everyone so happy."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Several of her lines suggest she is actually a child, which may explain her near inability to die, similarly to the Angler; ironically, as a ghost, she is technically already dead.
  • A ghostwriter is a writer hired to write something credited to another person.

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