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Gigabat (Polarities Mod).gif
Damage25 / 50 (contact)
24 / 36 (swarm bats)
Max Life4000 / 6400
Coins4 Gold Coin
Gigabat Map Icon (Polarities Mod).png
Map Icon

Gigabat is a Pre-Hardmode boss intended to be fought just before Queen Bee.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Gigabat does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to summon it by releasing Gemflies in the cavern layer and waiting for it to spawn, or by using a Bat Whistle there. It can only be summoned in the cavern layer.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Gigabat constantly generates swarm bats up to a certain cap, which increases as the health of the boss lowers. It alternates at random between three phases.

In the first phase, it quickly lines up on either the left or right of the player, before charging at them 2-4 times, its swarm staying close to it with only a few members pursuing the player independently. The first charge slightly anticipates player movement, the rest do not.

In the second phase, it floats some distance from the player while the swarm becomes more aggressive, still mostly sticking close to Gigabat but with more members attacking the player more aggressively.

In the third phase, it will attempt to hover directly over the player while the swarm rapidly circles them, after which it will recall the swarm to itself and shoot 1-4 slow echolocation projectiles at the player, which do no damage but inflict Pinpointed, giving its attacks a 50% chance to deal double damage to the player. In Expert Mode, these projectiles bounce off tiles, making them a much longer-lasting threat.

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