Molten Spirit

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Molten Spirit
Molten Spirit (Polarities Mod).png
AI TypeMolten Spirit AI
Damage50 / 100
Max Life1500 / 3000
KB Resist10%
Inflicts debuffIncinerating (Polarities Mod).pngIncinerating
Debuff duration1 second
Debuff tooltipYou are being incinerated
BannerMolten Spirit Banner (Polarities Mod).pngMolten Spirit Banner
Coins50 Silver Coin

Molten Spirits are an enemy that appear in The Underworld after Golem has been defeated. They float through the terrain and home in on player similarly to worm-style enemies, falling down when in midair and charging at high speeds when they are lined up with the player. Each hit from them inflicts one second of the Incinerating debuff, dealing rapid damage that cannot be prevented by usual fire-stopping methods such as the Obsidian Skin Potion.

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