Storm Cloudfish

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Storm Cloudfish
Storm Cloudfish (Polarities Mod).png
Damage30 / 60 (contact)
14 / 28 (rain)
48 (lightning)
Max Life1800 / 2880
Defense0 to 20
Coins50 Silver Coin
Storm Cloudfish Map Icon (Polarities Mod).png
Map Icon

The Storm Cloudfish is an early Pre-Hardmode boss, intended to be fought before the Eye of Cthulhu. It is the first boss of the Polarities Mod.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Storm Cloudfish does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to summon it by using a Worm on a Balloon. It can only be summoned at or above the surface layer.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Storm Cloudfish hovers above the player, periodically releasing irregular showers of raindrops. It will also shoot cloud orbs which turn into rainclouds in order to cut off the player. As its health lowers, the boss gains defense, and at low enough health it also grows more transparent.

Below 50%/65% of its health, Storm Cloudfish will occasionally stop releasing rain to charge the player, gaining a significant boost to its speed. These charges become longer and more frequent the lower the boss's health. In expert, it will leave behind a trail of stormclouds while it charges, and at the end of the dash will produce a burst of lightning that connects the stormclouds, which disappear.

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