Sun Pixie

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Sun Pixie
Sun Pixie (Polarities Mod).gif
EnvironmentThe Hallow
Damage50 / 100 (contact)
60 / 120 (trail)
36 / 72 (lasers)
80 / 160 (deathray)
48 / 96 (corona)
Max Life18000 / 28800
Coins10 Gold Coin
Sun Pixie Map Icon (Polarities Mod).png
Map Icon

The Sun Pixie is an early Hardmode boss fought in the Hallow, intended to be fought before the mechanical bosses.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Sun Pixie does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to summon it by using a Hallowed Star. It be fought at any time of day, but can only be summoned and fought in the Hallow.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Sun Pixie starts off the fight by attempting to hover at various fixed displacements from the player while shooting them with solar lasers, which become more frequent as the boss's health lowers. The boss will alternate between this behavior and one of the following three attacks, chosen at random:

  • Strafing Rain - Sun Pixie aligns itself above the player on either their left or right, before rapidly accelerating horizontally while firing accelerating solar lasers directly downwards. At lower health, these lasers are fired more frequently.
  • Coronal Charges - Sun Pixie will charge at the player three times, coming to a halt fairly close to the player and summoning a large solar corona around itself which lasts for around a second. (It also summons a corona prior to the attack.) In Expert Mode, the boss will also shoot a ring of 12 rapid solar lasers after each charge.
  • Solar Deathray - Sun Pixie aligns itself to the left of the player, freezing in place to charge the attack for around a second before flying clockwise in a large semicircle, firing a powerful deathray inwards. At lower health, this semicircle is completed more quickly.

Additionally, at all times in the fight except while charging the deathray, the boss will leave behind a trail of solar orbs that move slowly towards the player while gradually fading, decreasing their damage but also making them harder to see. The solar orbs last for around twice as long in Expert Mode, making them significantly more threatening.

If the player leaves the Hallow, Sun Pixie will enrage, drastically increasing both its mobility and the speed and frequency of all its attacks. Additionally, the laser rings after each coronal charge will have 24 lasers instead of 12.

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