The Polarities

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The Polarities
Magneton animation (Polarities Mod).gif
Electris animation (Polarities Mod).gif
Damage70 / 140 (Contact)
60 / 80 (Eye bolt)
80 / 120 (Electron cloud)
90 / 144 (Magnetic rocket)
60 / 80 (Magnetic mine)
120 / 160 (Electric deathray)
100 / 140 (Electromagnetic deathray)
Max Life30000 / 45000 (Magneton)
30000 / 45000 (Electris)
Coins18 Gold Coin
Polarities Map Icons (Polarities Mod).png
Map Icons

The Polarities are a challenging pair of bosses intended to be fought just before the Lunatic Cultist and Lunar Events, and the current final boss of the Polarities Mod.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

The Polarities do not spawn on their own, and require the player to summon them by using a Supercharged Battery.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Polarities will always remain on opposite sides of the player. While the player is close to the polarities, one of them will be nearly stationary while the other moves, and while the player is far from them, they will both tend to follow the player's motion. Their motion is based off of a pair of antipodal points on a rolling sphere centered on the player, projected into 2D space.

The Polarities cycle regularly between four synchronized phases:

  • Eye Bolts: Both Polarities will shoot rapid streams of their associated eye bolts at the player. Electris's bolts gradually begin to anticipate the player's motion, while Magneton's are homing. These bolts become more rapid as the health of the boss shooting them decreases.
  • Electron Cloud/Homing Rockets: Electris will summon a massive damaging aura around itself, while Magneton spins and shoots homing rockets in irregular directions. Magneton's rockets are shot more frequently at lower health.
  • Electric Laser/Magnetic Mines: Magneton will summon a ring of magnetic mines to orbit it. Electris will charge up a massive, high-damage deathray, turning to face the player but gradually becoming slower and slower to rotate. In expert mode, Magneton will also summon a second, larger ring. Electris turns more quickly at lower health.
  • Electromagnetic Field: Magnetic field lines will appear between Electris and Magneton, turning into damaging deathrays after a brief period. In expert mode, these deathrays will quickly rotate. At lower health, the Polarities will shoot more of these deathrays.
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