Engulfed Isle

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The Engulfed Isle is a mangrove that is generated proximity 400 tiles away from your world's Dungeon. The top of the biome consists of a large tree that tunnels into the ground until you reach a cavern like area. The Engulfed Isle is full of life and also traps, the recommended stage of progression to enter the biome is post-Eye of Cthulhu.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Engulfed Isle
Characters Unique Drops
Earthen Guardian (Primordial Sands).pngEarthen Guardian
Sentient Bark (Primordial Sands).pngSentient Bark
From the terrain:
Indenwood Log (Primordial Sands).pngIndenwood
Slate (Primordial Sands).pngSlate
Stagnant Loam (Primordial Sands).pngStagnant Loam

Music[edit | edit source]

  • [Theme of The Engulfed Isle] "The Jungle's Den" - EnergyKid