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Item Source Effect when used
Rush Potion (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngRush Potion Crafted from Bottled Water, Rhuthinium Bar and a Fireblossom Grants Rush buff for 6 minutes
Luneshine (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngLuneshine Crafted from Bottled Water, Lune Bar, Moonglow and a Daybloom Grants Lune recovery for 9 minutes
Pendant of the Sky God (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngPendant of the Sky God Drops from the high priest Summons the The Divine Light when used at the sky fortress's altar
Ancient Emblem (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngAncient Emblem Crafted from 10 Rhuthinium Bars Summons the Ancient Machine
Hydra Food (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngHydra Food Crafted from 4 Souls of Light and 4 Souls of Night Summons The Hydra
Summoning Rune (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngSummoning Rune 1/3 drop chance from sneaking ghost in the hardmode dungeon Summons the Rune Ghost
O.L.O.R.D. summon (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngO.L.O.R.D. summon Crafted from 20 Martian Conduit Plating and 4 runes Summons the Oversized Laser-emitting Obliteration Radiation-emitting Destroyer
Dino Egg (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngDino Egg Crafted from 10 Chlorophyte Bars Summons the Dino Militia event!