Movement Accessories

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Accessory Source Effects Hardmode
Frog Sprung Boots (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngFrog Sprung Boots Crafted at the Tinkerer's Workshop
Allows super fast running
Allows flight
Increases jump speed
Allows auto jump
Provides immunity to fall damage
Tango Cross1.png
Hyper Runestone (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngHyper Runestone From the Rune Ghost
+10 dash power
Makes you invincible when dashing
This effect needs two seconds to recharge
Tango Tick1.png
Lune Bracelet (Qwerty's Bosses and Items).pngLune Bracelet Crafted at any Anvil
Lets you dash (3 dash power)
+2 dash power at night