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Note: This wiki is currently a WIP
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Logo (Raiders Mod).pngThe Mod

Raiders Mod is a WIP content mod for Terraria that focuses on adding balanced and fun content to Terraria, It currently adds multiple new NPCs, Items and one Miniboss

Book of Thorns (Raiders Mod).pngItems
Helicopter (Raiders Mod).pngMechanics
Mod Credits
  • Yogu - Director, Spriter and Lore
  • Fefo06 aert - Director, Balancing, Lore, Testing and Ideas
  • Andrzinho16 - Co-Director, Lore, Programming
  • AlmightyOdin - Wiki, Lead Programmer
  • OS - Programmer
  • PuddingPepzi - Musician
  • Naka - Programmer
  • MountainyBear49 - Spriter
  • Rish - Spriter
  • Nomis - Spriter
  • Potat - Spriter
  • Musicman - Tester
  • Nimble Bubble - Programmer
  • DeathSquid - Spriter
  • GoldenCraftVSGames - Lore, Spriter
  • Pyrossal - Spriter