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Release date Unknown
Version chronology
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0.6.2 0.6.3 0.6.4
Redemption/Version history


Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Changes spawn rates
  • Changed Druid staves
  • Resprited Corpse-Walker Priest and she has a special attack
  • Chickens will occasionally cluck
  • New plant that grows at night in the forest
  • Resprited some weapons
  • Nerfed Zombieslayer's Tactical Bow
  • Fixed Wasteland spawning
  • Fixed Girus Core making you take damage in the sky
  • Animations for some skeletons attacking
  • Resprited Living Bloom
  • World Staves don't deal damage anymore, just buff
  • Projectiles from staves have a faster velocity
  • Something new with Omega Obliterator ;)
  • Nature Guardians for Druid Staves
  • Bunch of balancing
  • Master Druid Charm now is post-moonlord
  • Some Druid Accessories are nerfed
  • Resprites of Wasteland enemies
  • Can now catch Grand Larvas, Flies, and Lost Souls in Bug Nets
  • Fixed a mistake in Creation Druid Chestplate that increased damage by 90% instead of 17%
  • Resprited Ancient Brass weapons (By FailureOfMankind)
  • Nerfed Gilded Sea Axe
  • Kanite Pickaxe is slower mining
  • Kanite Pistol needs musket balls to craft
  • Girus knows when you defeat a Vlitch Overlord...

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Rope Hook
  • Nightshade Seeds
  • Grand Larva (Bait)
  • Fly (Bait)
  • Nightshade Potion
  • Charisma Potion
  • Wall's Claw
  • Nightshade
  • Ghastly Cutlass
  • Tranquility
  • Archcloth Banner
  • Music Box (The Omega)