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BiomeBannerAbandonedLab (Redemption).png
Map view of the Abandoned Lab, along with the direct path to the end (click to enlarge). The white path is accessible post-Mechanical Bosses, and red path is accessible post-Moon Lord.

The Abandoned Lab is a massive underground dungeon that generates upon world generation. Unlike other areas in Terraria, the Abandoned Lab has a static structure and will always be the same in all worlds. With its dangerous defenses and debuffs, the player must exercise caution prior to entering.

The Abandoned Lab will always be generated at the same location, depending on map size:

Map Size Lateral Position Depth
Small 600' East 824' Underground
Medium 820' East 1244' Underground
Large 1020' East 1904' Underground

The Abandoned Lab can only be initially visited in Hardmode, after the player has defeated all three Mechanical Bosses; attempting to visit the Lab prior will unleash invincible Laboratory Drones that will relentlessly attack the player. Following the defeat of the Mechanical Bosses, the drones will be deactivated, allowing access to a portion of the Lab, including The Janitor, Stage 3 Infected Scientist, and Irradiated Behemoth mini bosses, as well as a number of items from Petrified Wood Chests. Each mini boss drops a Lab Access Panel, which deactivates the laser security systems to unlock additional sectors of the Lab.

The rest of the Abandoned Lab becomes accessible after the player has defeated the Moon Lord and crafted one of the Luminite Pickaxes, or by means of the Laser Drill which have sufficient pickaxe power to break the Dark Sludge Blocks blocking access to the rest of the Lab. Additionally, the player gains the ability to open Lab Chests with a Keycard crafted from Luminite Bars. After defeating Blisterface, the player will be rewarded with the Nano Pickaxe which can break Black Sludge Blocks, allowing complete access to the Abandoned Lab, including the Protector Volt and MACE Project mini bosses and the final boss of the dungeon: Patient Zero.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Lab
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops

During Hardmode:

Sludge Blob (Redemption).pngSludge Blob
Infection Hive (Redemption).pngInfection Hive
Irradiated Sludge (Redemption).pngIrradiated Sludge
Infected Scientist (Redemption).pngInfected Scientist
Xeno Chomper (Redemption).pngXeno Chomper(Spawned by Sewer Holes)
The Janitor (Redemption).pngThe Janitor(Mini Boss)
Stage 3 Infected Scientist (Redemption).pngStage 3 Infected Scientist(Mini Boss)
Irradiated Behemoth (Redemption).pngIrradiated Behemoth(Mini Boss)

Post-Moon Lord:

Infected Scientist (Stage 2) (Redemption).pngInfected Scientist (Stage 2)
Blisterface (Redemption).pngBlisterface(Mini Boss)
Protector Volt (Redemption).pngProtector Volt(Mini Boss)
MACE Project (Redemption).pngMACE Project(Mini Boss)
Patient Zero (Redemption).pngPatient Zero(Boss)

From Lab Cabinets:

Radiation Pill (Redemption).pngRadiation Pill
Empty Mutagen (Redemption).pngEmpty Mutagen
First-Aid Kit (Redemption).pngFirst-Aid Kit
Adhesive Bandage.pngAdhesive Bandage

From Petrified Wood Chests:

Floppy Disk (1) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (1)
Floppy Disk (3) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (3)
Scrap Metal (Redemption).pngScrap Metal
AI Chip (Redemption).gifAI Chip
Mk-1 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-1 Capacitator
Mk-2 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-2 Capacitator
Mk-3 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-3 Capacitator
Mk-1 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-1 Plating
Mk-2 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-2 Plating
Mk-3 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-3 Plating
Anti-Crystallizer Serum (Redemption).pngAnti-Crystallizer Serum
Carbon Myofibre (Redemption).pngCarbon Myofibre
Starlite (Redemption).pngStarlite
Xenomite Shard (Redemption).gifXenomite Shard
Holoshield (Redemption).pngHoloshield
Mini-Nuke (Redemption).pngMini-Nuke
Xeno Eye (Redemption).pngXeno Eye
Plasma Saber (Redemption).pngPlasma Saber
Radioactive Launcher (Redemption).pngRadioactive Launcher
Sludge Spoon (Redemption).pngSludge Spoon

From the Hazmat Suit corpse:

Crowbar (Redemption).pngCrowbar
Hazmat Suit (Redemption).pngHazmat Suit

From Lab Chests:

Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (4)
Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (5)
Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (6)
Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (7)
Scrap Metal (Redemption).pngScrap Metal
AI Chip (Redemption).gifAI Chip
Mk-3 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-3 Capacitator
Mk-3 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-3 Plating
Raw Xenium (Redemption).pngRaw Xenium
Starlite (Redemption).pngStarlite
Xenomite Shard (Redemption).gifXenomite Shard
Electronade (Redemption).pngElectronade
Terraforma Bomba Tail (Redemption).pngTerraforma Bomba Tail
Terraforma Bomba Core (Redemption).pngTerraforma Bomba Core
Terraforma Bomba Nose (Redemption).pngTerraforma Bomba Nose
Hazmat Suit (Redemption).pngHazmat Suit
Mysterious Xenomite Fragment (Redemption).pngMysterious Xenomite Fragment
Mitosis (Redemption).pngMitosis
DNAgger (Redemption).pngDNAgger
Empty Mutagen (Redemption).pngEmpty Mutagen
Tesla Manipulator Prototype (Redemption).pngTesla Manipulator Prototype

From the special Lab Chest:

Nano Pickaxe (Redemption).pngNano Pickaxe


Irradiated Sludge Banner (Redemption).pngIrradiated Sludge Banner
Xeno Chomper Banner (Redemption).pngXeno Chomper Banner

From All Abandoned Lab enemies:

Xenomite Shard (Redemption).gifXenomite Shard

From The Janitor:

Lab Access Panel - Alpha (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - Alpha

From Stage 3 Infected Scientist:

Floppy Disk (2) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (2)
Lab Access Panel - Beta (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - Beta

From Irradiated Behemoth:

Lab Access Panel - Gamma (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - Gamma

From Blisterface:

Raw Xenium (Redemption).pngRaw Xenium
Keycard (Infected) (Redemption).pngKeycard (Infected)
Lab Access Panel - Sigma (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - Sigma

From Protector Volt:

Lab Access Panel - Omicron (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - Omicron

From MACE Project:

The Mace (Redemption).pngThe Mace
Floppy Disk (8) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (8)
Lab Access Panel - 0 (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - 0

From Patient Zero:

Patient Zero Mask (Redemption).pngPatient Zero Mask
Blighted Gauntlet (Redemption).pngBlighted Gauntlet
Swarmer Cannon (Redemption).pngSwarmer Cannon
Xenium Saber (Redemption).pngXenium Saber
Medic Kit (Redemption).pngMedic Kit
Unidentified Blueprints (Redemption).pngUnidentified Blueprints
Patient Zero Trophy (Redemption).pngPatient Zero Trophy
Floppy Disk (9) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk (9)
Lab Access Panel - Master (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel - Master

From plundering:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Players with the Chaos State debuff in the Abandoned Lab prior to defeating Patient Zero will take -2000 health per second, instantly killing them if they attempt to use the Rod of Discord to skip sections of the Lab.
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