Ancient Deity Duo

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Ancient Deity Duo
Ancient Deity Duo (Redemption).png

The Ancient Deity Duo are Post-Moon Lord bosses. It initially consists of a rematch against Thorn, Bane of the Forest and Eaglecrest Golem simultaneously, but if either are brought down to 50% life and both are still alive, they will transform into Akka and Ukko respectively.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

The player must use a Sigil of Thorns

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Thorn, Bane of the ForestRematch
Thorn, Bane of the Forest (Redemption).png
Damage140 / 168
Max Life210000 / 252000
Map Icon Thorn, Bane of the Forest (Redemption).png
Map Icon
Eaglecrest GolemRematch
Eaglecrest Golem (Redemption).png
Damage140 / 168
Max Life320000 / 384000
Map Icon Eaglecrest Golem (Redemption).png
Map Icon
Akka (Redemption).png
Damage110 / 130
Max Life210,000 / 252,000
Defense140 (25% DR)
Map Icon Akka (Redemption).png
Map Icon
Ukko (Redemption).png
Damage130 / 156
Max Life320,000 / 384,000
Defense35 (25% DR)
Map Icon Ukko (Redemption).png
Map Icon

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Empowered Thorn and Eaglecrest Golem[edit | edit source]

  • Behave much like their original counterparts, but with significantly more speed, health, and damage. All their attacks are upgraded and are far more intense.
  • Thorn will be be now able to attack in the air
  • If both are alive and one is brought below 50% HP, they will trigger a brief cinematic sequence as both heal to full health and transform into Akka and Ukko.
  • It will begin to Rain once Akka and Ukko transform.

Akka and Ukko[edit | edit source]

Akka[edit | edit source]

Akka will dash to positions around the player, stopping to perform attacks.

  • Drops seeds around the player, which sprout into thorny vines that inflict Venom upon contact with a solid tile.
  • Spews poison bubbles all around herself that eventually float upwards. Inflicts Venom.
  • Triggers an earthquake, signified by the screen shaking. Players not in the air during the quake will be repeatedly damaged and stunned.
  • Fires several thorny vines towards the player, inflicting Venom.
  • Drops a Floating Island on the player, dealing heavy damage and knocking them away (or down if they are in the air). This attack is preceded by the screen shaking and a red glow warning where the island is about to fall.
  • Below 80% HP: Emits a large number of brown particles, boosting her damage reduction temporarily.
  • Below 60% HP: Surrounds herself in green light, rapidly healing for about 6% of her max HP.
  • Below 50% HP: If the player is above the ground for a long enough time, Akka can inflict Earthbind on them to force them to the ground.

Ukko[edit | edit source]

Ukko also dashes around the player and stops for attacks.

  • All lightning attacks inflict Electrified.
  • Releases several lightning bolts around himself.
  • Summons a lightning chariot and dashes at the player several times, releasing a large number of lightning bolts in his path. After the last dash, Ukko's horse will fly away in the direction of the final charge, ramming all players in its way.
  • Fires a spiral of wind bullets that do no damage but push the player away.
  • Charges up and fires several rings of lightning bullets.
  • Quickly flies in a semi-circle around the player while firing lightning bullets at them.
  • Calls down a lightning strike on the player.
  • Creates a cloud that drops a large amount of lightning under it when it is hit by one of Ukko's projectiles.
  • Below 80% HP: Summons a large number of lightning strikes that strike in a ring around the player.
  • Below 80% HP: Summons a large number of lightning pillars that strike the whole screen at once, with gaps to avoid them.
  • Below 80% HP: Sweeps across the screen with rapid lightning strikes.
  • Below 60% HP: Dashes erratically around the player while summoning lightning strikes sporadically around them.
  • Below 50% HP: Fires two yellow orbs that follow a wavy pattern, which paralyze the player in place if they are hit. Fires 2 sets at once below 30% HP.
  • Below 50% HP: Heals himself for about 3% of his maximum HP. Cannot heal himself over 50% HP.

Combination Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • If one of Ukko's clouds is hit by Akka's poison bubbles, it will turn purple and start raining poison, inflicting Venom to the player as long as they are under it.
  • Ukko floats above the player while Akka floats beside them, generating a piece of terrain that floats above the player and protects Ukko. Ukko will then fire a large number of wavy paralyze orbs.
  • Akka fires a large number of blue bubbles everywhere as Ukko charges up. Ukko will then release a large discharge of lightning, destroying many of the bubbles.
  • Akka and Ukko call down beams of light on themselves, signified by warning lasers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ukko was the god of sky and thunder in Finnish Paganism.
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