Ancient Hut

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An Ancient Hut found in the Jungle Caverns

The Ancient Hut is a small structure composed of Ancient Wood that is generated upon initial world generation in the cavern layer.

The Ancient Hut has been observed to generate in a similar area, depending on map size:

Map Size Lateral Position Depth
Small 3500' West 300' Caverns
Medium 5490' West 400' Caverns
Large 7200' West 1000' Caverns

Contents[edit | edit source]

Ancient Hut
Unique Drops

From terrain:

Ancient Dirt (Redemption).pngAncient Dirt
Ancient Wood (Redemption).pngAncient Wood
Ancient Wood Chest (Redemption).pngAncient Wood Chest
Ancient Wood Wall (Redemption).pngAncient Wood Wall
'Brothers' (Redemption).png'Brothers'

From chest loot:

Ancient Wood Sword (Redemption).pngAncient Wood Sword
Ancient Wood Bow (Redemption).pngAncient Wood Bow
Falcon (Redemption).pngFalcon (Rare)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The exact depth and positions may very, these numbers are based off 10 randomly generated maps each.
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