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The Redemption Mod adds one new biome, the Wasteland and two new structures, the Abandoned Lab and a Small structure called the Hall of Heroes.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

File:Biome Banner Wasteland (Redemption).png

A biome that generates underground. It spawns in the world after defeating the Infected Eye.

Using Xeno Solution, it can be expanded to other biomes for other enemies.

Structures[edit | edit source]

BiomeBannerHallofHeroes (Redemption).png

A secret structure that is found underground.

In it is a Cursed Gem, used in a Cursed blade.

BiomeBannerCrashedShip (Redemption).png

A structure with chests with various loot inside.

BiomeBannerAbandonedLab (Redemption).png

A giant structure larger than the Jungle Temple. Destroy the 3 Mechanical Bosses to deactivate the lab's deadly defence systems, and explore and defeat the minibosses within. Loot will have Floppy Disks which tells the lore of what happened here long ago.

After Moon Lord is defeated and you've gotten yourself a lunar pickaxe and a Keycard crafted from Luminite Bars, go back and continue to discover new areas of the lab.

The Abandoned Lab always generates to the right of spawn, near hell and inbetween the spawn and jungle/dungeon.

Biomes and Structures
Surface Layers Wasteland
Special Biomes and Structures Abandoned Lab • Ancient Hut • Crashed Ship • Hall of Heroes