Boss Mask

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Boss Mask
  • Girus Mask (Redemption).png King Slayer III Mask (Redemption).png Patient Zero Mask (Redemption).png
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Body slotSocial Helmet
RarityRarity Level: 1

Boss Masks are vanity items dropped by most of the bosses added in Mod of Redemption, along with a few mini bosses. They are worn in the social head slot, like vanilla masks. Each boss has a 14.29% chance to drop its own mask, unless otherwise specified.

Types[edit | edit source]

Mask Notes
Girus Mask (Redemption).png Girus Mask Dropped by Vlitch Cleaver, Vlitch Gigapede, and Omega Obliterator (7.15%).
Infected Mask (Redemption).png Infected Mask
King Chicken Mask (Redemption).png King Chicken Mask
King Slayer III Mask (Redemption).png King Slayer III Mask
Nebuleus Mask (Redemption).png Nebuleus Mask Part of the Nebuleus vanity set.
Patient Zero Mask (Redemption).png Patient Zero Mask
Rooster King Mask (Redemption).png Rooster King Mask
Skull Digger's Mask (Redemption).png Skull Digger's Mask Guaranteed drop from Skull Digger.
The Keeper's Mask (Redemption).png The Keeper's Mask
Thorn Mask (Redemption).png Thorn Mask Also dropped from its rematch.
Equipable Items: Pure-Iron Breastplate (Redemption).png Armor • Creation Wings (Redemption).png Accessories ( Circlet of Brambles (Redemption).png Combat ) • Rayen's Tophat (Redemption).png Vanity