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Boss Quote
Map Icon The Mighty King Chicken (Redemption).png The Mighty King Chicken "... Hehe."
Map Icon Thorn, Bane of the Forest (Redemption).png Thorn, Bane of the Forest "Nice work, the forest is safe now."
Map Icon The Keeper (Redemption).png The Keeper "An undead... disgusting. Good thing you killed it."
Map Icon The Keeper (Redemption).png The Keeper (spared) "You've redeemed yourself, The Keeper may rest in undisturbed peace..."
Map Icon Skull Digger (Redemption).png Skull Digger "Oh... Oh damn..."
Map Icon Seed of Infection (Redemption).png Seed of Infection "You've awoken the infection now. But don't worry, I'm sure we can handle it!"
Map Icon Eaglecrest Golem (Redemption).png Eaglecrest Golem "Living stones? Never seen that before."
Map Icon Dark Slime (Redemption).png Dark Slime "Someone emerged from the slime!"
Map Icon Infected Eye (Redemption).png Infected Eye "Oh... That's only made the infection worse... Well, it doesn't matter, at least Cthulhu's other eye is no more!"
Map Icon King Slayer III (Redemption).png King Slayer III "Oh dear, he seems to have a very short temper, and you winning probably made it worse... I hope he doesn't do anything stupid..."
Map Icon Vlitch Cleaver (Redemption).png Vlitch Cleaver "The first Vlitch Overlord is gone, only... 2 more to go? Maybe?"
Map Icon Vlitch Gigapede (Redemption).png Vlitch Gigapede "The second Vlitch Overlord is down! Only 1 more... I think?
Map Icon Omega Obliterator (Redemption).png Omega Obliterator "Good job! All Vlitch Overlords have been... Wait..."
Map Icon Patient Zero (Redemption).png Patient Zero "We did it! We stopped the infection! High-five! ... Oh, right."
Map Icon Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos (first form) (Redemption).png Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos "... You... Oh no... I don't know if you can redeem yourself from that."