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The Crashed Ship is a small structure that generates upon world generation. It is one of King Slayer III's cruisers that has crashed after an incident.

The Crashed Ship will always be generated at the same location, depending on map size:

Map Size Lateral Position Depth
Small 1370' West or East 16' Underground
Medium 2030' West or East 182' Underground
Large 2630' West or East 256' Underground

The interior of the Crashed Ship can only be accessed in Hardmode, after the player can defeated the Mechanical Bosses and crafted a Pickaxe Axe. However, there is little available until the player defeats King Slayer III, after which he will appear at captain's seat. Additionally, the player will be able to access the contents of the Holochests with the Holokey dropped by King Slayer III.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Crashed Ship
Unique Treasures Unique Drops

From Holochests:

Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 1
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 2
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 3
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 6
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 335
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 722
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 919
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 180499
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 182500
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 182501
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 182573
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 184753
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 184989
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 466105
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 466476
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 500198
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 545675
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 999735
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 1000000
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 1012875
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 3650000
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 5385430
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 25338300
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 36500001
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 164550614
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 364635000
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 365000000
Datalog (Redemption).gifData Log 389035250
Scrap Metal (Redemption).pngScrap Metal
AI Chip (Redemption).gifAI Chip
Mk-1 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-1 Capacitator
Mk-2 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-2 Capacitator
Mk-3 Capacitator (Redemption).pngMk-3 Capacitator
Mk-1 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-1 Plating
Mk-2 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-2 Plating
Mk-3 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-3 Plating
Carbon Myofibre (Redemption).pngCarbon Myofibre
Xenomite Shard (Redemption).gifXenomite Shard
Cyber Chakram (Redemption).pngCyber Chakram
Hyper-Tech Revolver (Redemption).pngHyper-Tech Revolver
Gravity Gun (Redemption).pngGravity Gun
Android Hologram (Redemption).gifAndroid Hologram

From plundering:

Cyberscrap (Redemption).pngCyberscrap
Cyber Fabricator (Redemption).pngCyber Fabricator

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is not the Ship of the Slayer (SoS) that the Data Logs mention, as the SoS is a country-sized spaceship.
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