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Data Log
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Data Logs are items that can be found in the Crashed Ship's Holochests, or received from King Slayer III after helping him repair his ship. They provide no functional use, but provide details for the lore of the mod, specifically King Slayer III's spacefaring journey.

Data Logs[edit | edit source]

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Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 1 It reads - 'I have successfully reached the outer atmosphere and escaped my world's Reset.
I realise there is no going back now, a normal human's lifespan sounds miniscule
compared to the time I must travel through space, but it is my goal to withstand this infinite voyage.
I just hope it'll all be worth it when I return to the new world. I've decided to write these
logs every day until I return, and preserve my encounters for when I get back.
But that's a million years from now. I just hope I won't regret it.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 2 It reads - 'If I ever forget why I'm doing this, I will write it down here.
When a Great Era ends, all life dies and the world resets. I am from a previous era
and successfully escaped into space, as the reset won't affect me outside of the world.
A reset apparently takes a million years, so I must travel through space during that time period,
and with luck, I should come back here a million years from now, and see the new world in all it's beauty.
As far as I know, I am the sole survivor, and the first living thing to ever escape.
I transferred my human mind into a robotic body so I can save an infinite number of memories with ease,
and I won't need to worry about thirst, hunger, or sleep.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 3 It reads - 'Strange.
I'm starting to get symptoms of thirst and tiredness...
This shouldn't be happening, as a robot, I shouldn't require these basic human needs!
If for whatever reason these needs still affect me, this could make this voyage even worse.
I can't go to sleep without eyes, I can't drink without a mouth, I can't eat without a digestive system...
So I have no way of stopping these symptoms.
I'm still 2 years from reaching the nearest planet - Nabu III
Actually, I should come up with a new name for my robotic body... Something other than Survival Robot Mk. 78.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 6 It reads - 'My worst fear is coming true.
I have a strong feeling of tiredness and thirst, and my hunger has begun to take hold.
It's only been 6 days damn it! Roughly 359,000,000 days to go...
I've tried all I can, but these painful feelings can't go away.
The human mind is more complicated than I imagined, and combined with all this technical stuff
only makes it harder for me to look into it!
If only I had more time back then! I could've looked through this body's code and easily discovered the error!
Guess I'll just have to deal with it.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 335 It reads - 'About a year to go until I reach Nabu III.
I am STILL dealing with these damn feelings of hunger and tiredness,
and have only been getting worse from here. Humans can last 11 days without sleep,
the only thing that stopped them from feeling worse was death.
I can't even bloody die from fatigue, I can't starve to death either,
I'm just stuck like this... For a million damn years!'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 722 It reads - 'Finally!
I am close enough to Nabu III to get a scan of the planet.
Seems to be a standard ocean planet with a radius of 5605.77km.
35.3% iron, 32.0% oxygen, 15.1% silicon, 6.1% sodium, 4.2% aluminum, 2.7% other metals, 4.7% other elements.
Gravitational pull is 7.84 m/s², less than my planet, but whatever...
A cycle lasts 23.89 hours with an axis tilt of 28.37°.
80% ice sheets, 19.8% ocean, 0.2% land. Atmospheric pressure of 91.83 kPa.
The atmosphere is 78.4% sulphur dioxide, and the average temperature is -10°C.
Basically, an uninhabitable frozen planet... Great.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 919 It reads - 'Alright. I have constructed a temporary base on Nabu III.
The amount of iron and sulfur here has come in handy.
I mean, if I was a human I'd be dead with the lack of proper air.
My blueprint for a country sized spaceship is also finished, now begins the long construction.
The design will be a crescent moon shape, not sure why...
Probably because I used to look up at the moon of my world a lot
when I was human... I wish I still was.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 180499 It reads - 'My god how have I not died from this pain yet,
it just keeps growing. Whenever I think it can't get any worse the next day it does!
On brighter news my bigass spaceship is finished. Now I can leave this planet.
I'm getting real sick of snow, the old world was nothing but snow as well, I just want some greenery for once.
Unfortunately my next planet is even further from the sun so I'm not really hopeful...'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 182500 It reads - 'Today marks 500 years away from home.
It took 5.5 years but I'm at the next planet - Alkonost. I expected to get there faster,
but I REALLY underestimated the amount of fuel this giant spaceship would consume.
I'm certain I wouldn't have made that mistake if I just didn't feel so terrible!
Living like this is absolute hell. I'll write down this planet's statistics next data log.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 182501 It reads - 'Alright. Alkonost. And of course, it's ANOTHER DAMN ICE PLANET!
Radius: 6059.58km, Composition: 36.1% titanium, 35.6% iron, 17.5% oxygen,
7.4% silicon, 3.4% other metals, trace other elements. High amounts of titanium, huh?
That's gonna be useful, Nabu III had barely any titanium.
Gravity is 11.13 m/s². A cycle is 32.65 hours, with an axis tilt of 11.58°.
Oh god. 100% of the surface is just ice. The atmosphere is toxic, with a pressure of 91.63 kPa.
The temperature is -223°C... I don't think even my robotic body can handle that! Oh whatever.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 182573 It reads - 'Holy...
After exploring Alkonost's surface, I've finally found something other than ice!
Took so long since I can't last down there for more than half a minute.
From the looks of things, it looks man-made. Or I guess alien-made... Hehe.
First time I've felt this amused in forever, but anyways, the structure.
It was under the thick ice sheet so I had to drill quite far down.
The water under there must be freezing, but curiosity is getting the better of me here.
I have found an entrance, inside is just as cold though, so I should go back up into my ship before exploring further.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 184753 It reads - 'I have basically harvested this planet's titanium dry.
The alien tech I found in that strange structure has come in handy,
I've augmented it into my spaceship's thrusters, so I can reach planets much faster.
Hmm... I should give the ship a name... Well, I called robot-self King Slayer III,
so the ship must be just as cool. How about: Ship of the Slayer! Or SoS for short?
Well, it's finally time to explore beyond the Vorti Star System.
I have 999,493.8 years to go... And my overwhelming pain still hasn't settled.
I'll just have to live with it forever now.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 184989 It reads - 'On my journey to the nearest solar system, I decided to dabble with AI.
I have set up blueprints for a simple android with the purpose of
maintaining the SoS while I'm away. It's something for me to do so why not.
It's estimated to take 770 years to reach the next solar system,
and I haven't encountered another moving thing for 506 years.
Having robots going about the SoS would be nice, and I'll be less lonely.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 466105 It reads - 'Welp, I've reached the next solar system.
3 planets have been scanned, which is quite a disappointment...
I was hoping for there to be more so I can have more to do.
But it's fine I guess, the androids I've created have been keeping me company.
I'll go to the planet nearest the habitable zone, 'cos robots have become pretty boring now,
and I'm dying to see actual greenery, not some dull frozen wasteland.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 466476 It reads - 'I have named this planet Asherah, it appears to be iron/silicate-based.
A big radius of 8845.27 km, 40.8% iron, 32.9% oxygen, 15.6% silicon, 4.2% carbon, 2.9% magnesium...
Quite strong gravity, 34.70 hour cycle, an axis tilt of 53.09°...
Only 1% is water, the rest looks like... boring stone and sand... Damn.
Oh! The scanner has found life! Microbes, fungi, sentient animals... What is that?
Well I've found life here, only problem is they look ugly as hell.
2.01 million of these intelligent creatures have been scanned, so they've been around for a while.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 500198 It reads - 'I'm done with Asherah, the aliens there attacked me so I had to make some weaponry.
I decided to make a new android, one for military purposes, I've named it the Prototype Silver.
Despite its name, it's mainly composed of the spare titanium from Alkonost.
I did find a metric ton of coal from Asherah's caverns, so that's nice.
Well... Onto the next planet, I just hope THIS one will be lush and green.
All the planets I've been to were either frozen or barren.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 545675 It reads - 'Wow, this planet blew my expectations away...
I have named it Alatar V. It's very small, and on the surface it just looks barren.
However, it's cave systems are beautiful. Like, there's so many colours and valuable ores.
I've been exploring them overtime for probably years now. But that's fine,
Not like I got anything better to do.
I'll be leaving this planet soon and moving onto the next solar system.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 999735 It reads - 'I haven't done one of these in forever, but I should explain what happened.
I was travelling to the next solar system, when suddenly some wormhole appeared.
The SoS couldn't turn fast enough so it got sucked in. Wormholes are like portals of the universe,
so I expected to just reach the end instantly, but no, I was stuck in the wormhole for almost 1000 years.
God it was boring, but I had the androids to keep me company. Unfortunately, I don't know where I am now.
I can't tell how far away I am from home, but I see a nearby star, so hopefully there's some planets.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 1000000 It reads - 'Today is the millionth day in space. When I was writing that down,
I had a dumb moment where I thought it was a million years... But no.
It has only been 2739.7 years, so... 364,000,000‬ days left... It feels like forever,
and yet it's only been 0.27% of a million. Why am I still doing this. What's the point anymore?
Every day is a pain, I just want to eat, I want to sleep...
I would say I want to be human again, but to be honest... I don't even want to be alive anymore.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 1012875 It reads - 'About damn time. I've finally found a green planet. But am I happy about this?
Not really. I thought this would make me feel something, but it's hopeless.
I can't remember the last time I felt happy, the memory of my home is starting to get foggy.
But anyway, it looks like this planet has intelligent life, so I'll land and see if they're friendly.
If they're not, I'll just shoot them. Simple.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 3650000 It reads - 'Today is the 10,000th year in space, only 1% of a million...
I feel like living beings shouldn't be allowed to live for this long.
A hundred years for a human is forever, and I've been around for 100x that!
I've redesigned my robotic body again, but I still haven't figured out how to get into my
human mind and get rid of this STUPID HUNGER. I DON'T HAVE A STOMACH, WHY AM I HUNGRY!?
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 5385430 It reads - 'The SoS got attacked by some Space Pirates.
Not like I care, I destroyed their ships so what can they do now?
The SoS's scanner picked up a lifeform in the engine room, so I should probably check it out.
I can't be asked to do anything really. But whatever.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 25338300 It reads - 'Nice.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 36500001 It reads - 'It's been 10% of a million years now. Yay.
I accidently skipped a day in the data logs so 10% was really yesterday, but not like I care.
I have explored... 2853 planets now, and they are starting to all look the same.
I'm sick of ice planets, sick of lush green ones, sick of barren ones... I guess I'm not satisfied anymore.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 164550614 It reads - 'I haven't felt like this in forever.
I upgraded my robotic self again, this time with more attack power. Xehito let me test it on him,
so we had a fight. The intensity of it was almost exhilarating, lasers firing everywhere,
explosions all around, it was generally a fun time. But something tells me he only let me
fight him to cheer me up, and I'm sorry Xehito, but that moment didn't last, I still feel empty.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 364635000 It reads - 'Only 1000 years until a million, and I can return home.
I've already set my course, but the problem is, because of that wormhole,
I don't know which way is home... All I can do now is go to a random direction
and hope for the best. But the galaxy is vast, I fear by the time I reach home again,
The next reset would've already started, and I'd have to wait another million years...
If that happens, I won't try anymore, I'll just give up.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 365000000 It reads - 'Today is the millionth year in space!
Unfortunately, I won't be able to see the new Great Era for some time.
I'm still lost in space.'
Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 389035250 It reads - 'I've made it back, I'm home again.'

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Data Log 25338300's entry is a reference to the meme where people reply to the numbers 69 or 420 with "nice"; 25338300 days is equivalent to 69,420 years.