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Debuffs are negative status effects which reduces the player's abilities in certain ways. They can range from health loss to reduced damages to slowed mobility...even death. Mod of Redemption adds multiple debuffs listed below.

From enemies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
Mildly Infected (Redemption).png Mildly Infected Most infected enemies within the Wasteland Losing health as well as reduced defense, but increased melee damage "You are in contact with Xenomite..." Variable
Heavily Infected (Redemption).png Heavily Infected A few enemies within the Wasteland Quickly losing health, defense and movement speed are reduced even further, but melee damages are highly increased "Xenomite is growing in your body..." Variable

From items and environment[edit | edit source]

Icon Name From Effect Tooltip
Radioactive Fallout (Redemption).png Radioactive Fallout Wasteland and Abandoned Lab General stats reduced "Stats greatly decreased due to radioactivity"
Heavy Radiation (Redemption).png Heavy Radiation Wasteland during Rain General stats further reduced "Stats greatly decreased due to radioactivity"
... (debuff) (Redemption).png ... Hall of Heroes No known effect "You feel like you're being watched..."

From radiation poisoning[edit | edit source]

See Radiation

Icon Name Stage Effect Tooltip
Headache (Redemption).png Headache First Reduced light vision and inverted controls "Sudden and pounding pain from the inside of your skull."
Fatigue (Redemption).png Fatigue Second Reduced movement speed and decreased light vision "You are overwhelmed with tiredness."
Nausea (Redemption).png Nausea Second Health loss, inverted controls and reduced movement speed "You feel sick."
Hair Loss (Redemption).png Hair Loss Third No known effect "Your hair is gone!"
Skin Burn (Redemption).png Skin Burn Third No known effect "Your skin is burning!"
Irradiated (Redemption).png Irradiated Fourth Very quick health loss, leading to unavoidable death "You are dying of radiation!"

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