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Redemption currently has many Enemies.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

A Jolly Madman (Redemption).pngA Jolly Madman Ancient Stone Golem (Redemption).pngAncient Stone Golem Blobble (Redemption).pngBlobble Blood Worm (Redemption).pngBlood Worm Brain Eater (Redemption).pngBrain Eater Chickman Cultist (Redemption).pngChickman Cultist
Chillblood Sorcerer (Redemption).pngChillblood Sorcerer Corpse-Walker Priest (Redemption).pngCorpse-Walker Priest Corrupt Bat (Redemption).pngCorrupt Bat Death's Gardener (Redemption).pngDeath's Gardener Devil's Tongue (Redemption).pngDevil's Tongue Forest Golem (Redemption).pngForest Golem
Forest Nymph (Redemption).pngForest Nymph Forest Spider (Redemption).pngForest Spider Granite Cluster (Redemption).pngGranite Cluster Infected Cave Bat (Redemption).pngInfected Cave Bat Infected Demon Eye (Redemption).pngInfected Demon Eye Infected Giant Worm (Redemption).pngInfected Giant Worm
Infected Zombie (Redemption).pngInfected Zombie Living Bloom (Redemption).pngLiving Bloom Marble Chess Horse (Redemption).pngMarble Chess Horse Molten Golem (Redemption).pngMolten Golem Moonflare Bat (Redemption).pngMoonflare Bat Ragged Zombie (Redemption).pngRagged Zombie
File:Shadow Worm (Redemption).pngShadow Worm Skelemies (Redemption).pngSkelemies Skeleton Assassin (Redemption).pngSkeleton Assassin Skeleton Druid (Redemption).pngSkeleton Druid File:Skeleton Duelist (Redemption).pngSkeleton Duelist Skeleton Noble (Redemption).pngSkeleton Noble
Skeleton Wanderer (Redemption).pngSkeleton Wanderer Skeleton Warden (Redemption).pngSkeleton Warden Sleeping Stones (Redemption).pngSleeping Stones Spider Swarmer (Redemption).pngSpider Swarmer Spider Swarmer Queen (Redemption).pngSpider Swarmer Queen The Soulless (Redemption).gifThe Soulless
Undead Executioner (Redemption).pngUndead Executioner File:Vepdor's Remains (Redemption).pngVepdor's Remains Wandering Soul (Redemption).pngWandering Soul Ye Olde Skeleton (Redemption).pngYe Olde Skeleton Zombie (Shielded) (Redemption).pngZombie (Shielded)

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Android (Redemption).pngAndroid File:Apidroid (Redemption).pngApidroid Bile Boomer (Redemption).pngBile Boomer
Bloated Face Monster (Redemption).pngBloated Face Monster Bloated Goldfish (Redemption).pngBloated Goldfish Bob the Blob (Redemption).pngBob the Blob Bone Leviathan (Redemption).pngBone Leviathan File:Chicken? (Redemption).pngChicken? Corrupted Paladin (Redemption).pngCorrupted Paladin
Corrupted T-Bot (Redemption).pngCorrupted T-Bot Crusher (Redemption).pngCrusher Decayed Ghoul (Redemption).pngDecayed Ghoul Hazmat Skeleton (Redemption).pngHazmat Skeleton Hazmat Zombie (Redemption).pngHazmat Zombie Infected Beast (Redemption).pngInfected Beast
Infected Chicken (Redemption).pngInfected Chicken Infected Digger (Redemption).pngInfected Digger Infected Giant Bat (Redemption).pngInfected Giant Bat Infected Grub (Redemption).pngInfected Grub File:Infected Hive (Redemption).pngInfected Hive Infected Scientist (Redemption).pngInfected Scientist
Infected Snow Flinx (Redemption).pngInfected Snow Flinx Infected Snow Flinx (2) (Redemption).pngInfected Snow Flinx (2) Infected Swarmer (Redemption).pngInfected Swarmer Injector (Redemption).pngInjector Irradiated Sludge (Redemption).pngIrradiated Sludge Irradiated Spear (Redemption).pngIrradiated Spear
Irradiated World Feeder (Redemption).pngIrradiated World Feeder Laboratory Drone (Redemption).pngLaboratory Drone File:Laboratory Turret (Redemption).pngLaboratory Turret Living Black Goop (Redemption).pngLiving Black Goop Nerve Parasite (Redemption).pngNerve Parasite Nuclear Slime (Redemption).pngNuclear Slime
Pigron (Green) (Redemption).pngPigron (Green) Plague Physalia (Redemption).pngPlague Physalia Prototype Silver (Redemption).pngPrototype Silver Radioactive Slime (Redemption).pngRadioactive Slime Radioactive Slimer (Redemption).pngRadioactive Slimer Radium Digger (Redemption).pngRadium Digger
Radium Rampager (Redemption).pngRadium Rampager Rogue T-Bot (Redemption).pngRogue T-Bot Sludge Blob (Redemption).pngSludge Blob Space Paladin (Redemption).pngSpace Paladin Spiked Radioactive Slime (Redemption).pngSpiked Radioactive Slime
Superbug (Redemption).pngSuperbug Unstable Portal (Redemption).pngUnstable Portal Undead Violinist (Redemption).pngUndead Violinist Wasteland Splicer (Redemption).pngWasteland Splicer Xenoling (Redemption).pngXenoling Xeno Chomper (Redemption).pngXeno Chomper
Xenon Roller (Redemption).pngXenon Roller Xenomite Gargantuan (Redemption).pngXenomite Gargantuan Xenomite Golem (Redemption).pngXenomite Golem

Post-Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

Ancient Archer (Redemption).pngAncient Archer Ancient Timeshifter (Redemption).pngAncient Timeshifter Cursed Bloom (Redemption).pngCursed Bloom Elder Forest Golem (Redemption).pngElder Forest Golem Fallen Ancient (Redemption).pngFallen Ancient Infected Scientist (Stage 2) (Redemption).pngInfected Scientist (Stage 2)
Omega Android (Redemption).pngOmega Android Omega Attack Drone (Redemption).pngOmega Attack Drone Omega Attack Helicopter (Redemption).pngOmega Attack Helicopter Omega Droid Pilot (Redemption).pngOmega Droid Pilot Omega Space Paladin (Redemption).pngOmega Space Paladin Prototype Omega (Redemption).pngPrototype Omega
Soulless Assassin (Redemption).pngSoulless Assassin Soulless Duelist (Redemption).pngSoulless Duelist Soulless Wanderer (Redemption).pngSoulless Wanderer Star Serpent (Redemption).pngStar Serpent

Event[edit | edit source]

Blood Moon[edit | edit source]

Blood-Boiled Skeleton (Redemption).pngBlood-Boiled Skeleton

King Chicken's Royal Army[edit | edit source]

Chicken Ballista (Redemption).pngChicken Ballista Chicken Bomber (Redemption).pngChicken Bomber Chicken Calvary (Redemption).pngChicken Calvary Chickman (Redemption).pngChickman Chickman Archmage (Redemption).pngChickman Archmage Chickman Chickromancer (Redemption).pngChickman Chickromancer
Greater Chickman (Redemption).pngGreater Chickman Shielded Chickman (Redemption).pngShielded Chickman

Martian Madness[edit | edit source]

Martian Scam Artist (Redemption).pngMartian Scam Artist

Pirate Invasion[edit | edit source]

Pirate Cook (Redemption).pngPirate Cook

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Blisterface (Redemption).pngBlisterface Dark Slime (Redemption).pngDark Slime Eaglecrest Golem (Redemption).gifEaglecrest Golem Irradiated Behemoth (Redemption).pngIrradiated Behemoth MACE Project (Redemption).pngMACE Project
Mossy Goliath (Redemption).pngMossy Goliath Protector Volt (Redemption).pngProtector Volt Rooster King (Redemption).pngRooster King Skull Digger (Redemption).pngSkull Digger Stage 3 Infected Scientist (Redemption).pngStage 3 Infected Scientist
Strange Portal (Redemption).pngStrange Portal The Janitor (Redemption).pngThe Janitor Trojan Chicken (Redemption).pngTrojan Chicken

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Akka (Redemption).pngAkka Infected Eye (Redemption).pngInfected Eye King Slayer III (Redemption).pngKing Slayer III Nebuleus (Redemption).gifNebuleus
Omega Obliterator (Redemption).pngOmega Obliterator Patient Zero (Redemption).pngPatient Zero Seed of Infection (Redemption).pngSeed of Infection The Keeper (Redemption).pngThe Keeper
The Mighty King Chicken (Redemption).pngThe Mighty King Chicken Thorn, Bane of the Forest (Redemption).pngThorn, Bane of the Forest Ukko (Redemption).pngUkko Vlitch Cleaver (Redemption).pngVlitch Cleaver
Vlitch Gigapede (Redemption).pngVlitch Gigapede

Boss Minions[edit | edit source]

Blistering (Redemption).pngBlistering Bone Chicken (Redemption).pngBone Chicken Bone Worm (Redemption).pngBone Worm
Chicken Swarmer (Redemption).pngChicken Swarmer Corrupted Probe (Redemption).pngCorrupted Probe Corrupted Worm (Redemption).pngCorrupted Worm
Dark Slimeling (Redemption).pngDark Slimeling Dark Soul (Redemption).pngDark Soul Dark Soul (Small) (Redemption).pngDark Soul (Small)
Eaglecrest Stones (Redemption).pngEaglecrest Stones Giant Star Serpent (Redemption).pngGiant Star Serpent Hive Growth (Redemption).pngHive Growth
MACE Project's Fist (Redemption).pngMACE Project's Fist Omega Mk-2 Droid (Redemption).pngOmega Mk-2 Droid Skeleton (Redemption).pngSkeleton
Space Keeper (Redemption).pngSpace Keeper Vlitch Blade (NPC) (Redemption).pngVlitch Blade (NPC) Vlitch Core(s) (Redemption).pngVlitch Core(s)
Xenomite Eye (Redemption).pngXenomite Eye

Other[edit | edit source]

Bone Spider (Redemption).pngBone Spider Chicken (Redemption).pngChicken Coast Scarab (Redemption).pngCoast Scarab
Earthworm (Redemption).pngEarthworm Fly (Redemption).pngFly Gold Chicken (Redemption).pngGold Chicken
Grand Larva (Redemption).pngGrand Larva Large Lost Soul (enemy) (Redemption).pngLarge Lost Soul Leghorn Chicken (Redemption).pngLeghorn Chicken
Lost Soul (enemy) (Redemption).pngLost Soul File:Rainbow Chicken (Redemption).pngRainbow Chicken Red Chicken (Redemption).pngRed Chicken
Sandskin Spider (Redemption).pngSandskin Spider Shadesoul (Redemption).gifShadesoul Small Shadesoul (Redemption).gifSmall Shadesoul
Small Lost Soul (enemy) (Redemption).pngSmall Lost Soul Suspicious Dirt Pile (Redemption).pngSuspicious Dirt Pile Tree Bug (Redemption).pngTree Bug
Characters: Forest Golem (Redemption).png Pre-Hardmode Enemies • Bob the Blob (Redemption).png Hardmode Enemies • Ancient Archer (Redemption).png Post-Moon Lord Enemies • Chicken Bomber (Redemption).png Event Enemies • The Janitor (Redemption).png Mini-Bosses • Thorn, Bane of the Forest (Redemption).png Bosses
Chicken (Redemption).png Critters • Friendly T-Bot (Redemption).png Friendly NPCs