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Mod of Redemption adds new content to existing vanilla events, as well as one new unique event.

King Chicken's Royal Army[edit | edit source]

Strange Contract (Redemption).png
Main article: Redemption/King Chicken's Royal Army

The King Chicken's Royal Army is a new event that can be initiated by using a Strange Contract dropped from Chickman Cultists, which begins to spawn on the surface after the player defeats The Mighty King Chicken. Initially, the event is simply called Chicken Invasion and features 4 enemies and 1 mini boss. After the player defeats Patient Zero, the event becomes King Chicken's Royal Army, and both significantly buffs the stats of the previous enemies and gains an additional 4 enemies and mini boss.

Blood Moon[edit | edit source]

Mod of Redemption adds one new enemy to Blood Moons. Additionally, the Dryad will sell the Corpse Flower Seedbag, the Friendly T-Bot will sell Irradiated Ebonstone or Irradiated Crimstone (depending on the world evil), and the Bleeding Sun and Baneful Moonlight will rain down additional projectiles.

Blood Moon

For Sale
Blood-Boiled Skeleton (Redemption).pngBlood-Boiled Skeleton

From Dryad:

Corpse Flower Seedbag (Redemption).pngCorpse Flower Seedbag

From Friendly T-Bot:

Irradiated Ebonstone (Redemption).pngIrradiated Ebonstone(If world has Corruption)
Irradiated Crimstone (Redemption).pngIrradiated Crimstone(If world has Crimson)

Pirate Invasion[edit | edit source]

Pirate Map.png

Mod of Redemption adds one new enemy to the Pirate Invasion.

Pirate Invasion
Characters Unique Drops
Pirate Cook (Redemption).pngPirate Cook


Pirate Cook Banner (Redemption).pngPirate Cook Banner

From Pirate Cook:

Fried Egg (Redemption).pngFried Egg
Blue Spices (Redemption).pngBlue Spices
Green Spices (Redemption).pngGreen Spices
Orange Spices (Redemption).pngOrange Spices
Red Spices (Redemption).pngRed Spices
White Spices (Redemption).pngWhite Spices
Explosive Barrel (Redemption).pngExplosive Barrel
Barrel Bombarder (Redemption).pngBarrel Bombarder
Chilli Powder Spray (Redemption).pngChilli Powder Spray
Golden Orange Tree Seedbag (Redemption).pngGolden Orange Tree Seedbag

Solar Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Solar Tablet.png

Mod of Redemption adds one new enemy to the Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse
Characters Unique Drops

If Plantera has been defeated:

Undead Violinist (Redemption).pngUndead Violinist


Undead Violinist Banner (Redemption).pngUndead Violinist Banner

From Undead Violinists:

Violin (Redemption).pngViolin
Nestori's Wig (Redemption).pngNestori's Wig
Mysterious Artifact (Redemption).pngMysterious Artifact

Martian Madness[edit | edit source]

Martian Probe.png

Mod of Redemption adds one new enemy to the Martian Madness event.

Martian Madness
Characters Unique Drops
Martian Scam Artist (Redemption).pngMartian Scam Artist


Martian Scam Artist Banner (Redemption).pngMartian Scam Artist Banner

From Martian Scam Artist:

Ultra-Violet Plating (Redemption).pngUltra-Violet Plating
Martian Uniform Helmet.pngMartian Uniform Helmet
Martian Uniform Torso.pngMartian Uniform Torso
Martian Uniform Pants.pngMartian Uniform Pants
Martian Tree Seedbag (Redemption).pngMartian Tree Seedbag

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